Do you know Who invented Amazon and when?

Do you know who invented Amazon, which is the world’s most successful and largest online shopping website or company? If not, then definitely read this article till the end. We have shared all the information related to Amazon.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a very big and popular e-commerce company. It sells online through its website and app. There are many people who like to shop online, and in today’s time, many online shopping apps have come. One of them is Amazon.

All the things of the world are found on Amazon, and many valuable and attractive items are also found on this app, which many people do not know about. Amazon is a very big company in the business sector, whose products are famous all over the world.

Who invented Amazon?

Amazon was invented by Jeff Bezos in 1994. The purpose of Amazon is to make people shop at home. Like Amazon, there are other shopping sites or applications in which people do online shopping and they are given the facility of sitting at home. Everything we order on Amazon is safely delivered to our homes.

How was Amazon invented?

He was a computer engineer and also a businessman. First of all, he had opened a bookstore in America named Amazon, but this shop could not run for long, after which he found the website. It was created and put the details of many products in it. Gradually, many people started joining Amazon and started opening Amazon stores in different countries, and today everyone is able to do online shopping from Amazon.

Who owns the Amazon company?

The owner of the Amazon company is Jeff Bezos. He invented Amazon.

When was Amazon launched in India?

Amazon was launched in India in February 2012. Since then, many branches of Amazon have also been present in India.

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