Do you Know Who Discover Atom?

Friends, you must have heard about the atom somewhere, or must have read it in your own books, but do you know who discover atom? If not, then definitely read this article till the end.

What is atom?

Everything around us is made up of atoms, the atom is considered to be the smallest particle of any element.

Elements are made up of small atomic particles. A tiny particles inside the element are called atom. We can never get an atom independent, it always remains one or two together as a molecule.

Scientific experiments show that atoms are made up of 3 particles –

  • Electron
  • Neutron
  • proton

Out of these three neutrons and protons are found in the nucleus of the atom and the electron moves around the nucleus under the charge of the proton.

Who discover atom? 

 The atom was discovered by John Dalton, he also made many theories on it while searching for goods.

The principle of John Dalton is as follows: –

Atoms can neither be created nor destroyed.

Everything around us is made up of atoms.

Every substance is made up of very small particles and that smallest particle is called an atom.

Atoms of different substances have different size, shape and properties.

When was the atom discovered?

The atom was discovered by John Dalton in 1803.

Who is the discoverer of the atomic nucleus?

As we mentioned, the nucleus is located in the middle of the atom. The nucleus located in the middle of the atom was discovered by Ernest Rutherford in 1911.

He said that protons and neutrons are located inside the nucleus. The nucleus is considered to be the most central part of the atom.

To discover the nucleus, Rutherford used the gold paper, which he found that the nucleus is located in the middle of the atom.

Who coined the word atom?

The term atom was first given by Democritus.

Although the atom was discovered by John Dalton, its name was given by Democritus.

He said that if we break even the smallest part of any substance, then it will split into more particles but the smallest particle which is called atom cannot be further divided, hence the atom is indivisible.

Who discovered the atomic structure?

The atomic structure was discovered by JJ Thomson, he explained the atomic structure by giving the example of plum pudding.

Wrapping Up:

these are just the myths about the atom that many books and scientific document told bit in reality atom is a very small in size that on one ever seen it.

Do you know Who discover protons and when?

Do you know Who discovered blood?

So friends, we hope that you must have come to know about who discover atom.

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