Did Tanjiro become a monster?

Tanjiro is an interesting character from Demon Slayer, and we will talk about the Demon Slayer manga chapter where Tanjiro becomes a powerful demon. Tanjiro became a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps to find a cure for his sister, who could turn into a demon at any time. The Demon Slayer manga has been going on for a long time, revealing the best battles between the Demon Slayer Corps and Demons. The arc where Tanjiro becomes a demon is one of the best arcs a manga fan will ever forget. We see the chapter where Tanjiro turns into a monster.

Fans of this manga will soon find out why Tanjiro became a demon and how powerful he is as he enters the chapter where he becomes a demon. This surprised manga fans as it is rare for the hero of the story to become a monster or a villain. But let’s find out the truth as we have the full synopsis for the chapter where Tanjiro’s shapeshifted. However, it made for an interesting story that made new fans who wanted to know about Tanjiro get this manga.

Tanjiro is a cheerful boy who is always happy despite the loss of many loved ones in the series. He is always accompanied by his sister, Nezuko Kamado, carrying her on his back in a hidden box. He believes that he will help Nezuko return to her human form and kill the demon responsible for her state. Tanjiro’s mission is to defeat the King of Demons, Muzan Kibutsuji, to stop the suffering of humans as Muzan is the ruler of demons. He also has to pay for killing Tanjiro’s family. Let’s find out below which chapter Tanjiro turns into a demon.

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In which chapter did Tanjiro become a monster?

This is after learning that Muzan has escaped death many times. Tanjiro became a demon in Demon Slayer Chapter 201: The King of Demons. During this tragic moment, Muzan also remembers his past when he was in his mother’s womb. Muzan’s past is revealed when he talks to the demon that hosted his body. But he realizes that his time has come and notices that Tanjiro is near him and decides to give his blood to Tanjiro who is on the verge of death as well. Muzan realizes that the boy next to him will become a powerful monster if he survives.

The monster is Tanjiro

Muzan also knows why Nezuko became the first demon to live in sunlight and was able to use Yorichi Sugikuni’s Breath Style. Muzan slowly begins to break down and tells Tanjiro to fulfill his dream and destroy the Demon Slayer Corps for him. Kakushi bursts into tears as Giu Tomioka falls to her knees beside Tanjiro. One of them was surprised to see Tanjiro’s head disappearing, only to open his eyes to reveal a demonic gaze. Tanjiro begins to regenerate and the destruction begins.

This surprises everyone and Kakushi wonders why Tanjiro is attacking them. Tanjirou stood up and began to enjoy his new look. He now has fangs and claws. The Demon Slayer Mark on Tanjiro begins to mutate and grows towards his nose, while other marks from his neck look like Kokushibo’s mark. Gyu runs towards Tanjiro and tells the other Kakushi to stay away from Tanjiro ready to destroy him. Tanjiro looks up at the sunlight.

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Demon King Tanjiro

Tanjiro is now the Demon King, but as the sun shines brightly, his body burns. Everyone escaped and watched from a distance what was happening to Tanjiro. Giu reveals that Tanjiro has become the Demon King. He tries to stop Tanjiro and wants Tanjiro to die as a human and not a monster. However, Tanjiro’s body stopped becoming immune to sunlight. Giu battles Tanjiro, but after losing so much blood he begins to feel dizzy.

In which chapter did Tanjiro become a monster?

The demon king Tanjiro

Inosuke intervenes and reminds Tanjiro that Giu is one of them. Genitsu also arrives as Tanjiro crouches down and a third Demon Slayer Mark appears on his head. Inosuke watched silently after Tanjiro bared his fangs at him. Zenutsu and other tired, and they stop fighting. But when Tanjiro advances, Inosuke is ready to fight him. Inosuke fails to attack Tanjiro after recalling their past.

Why did Tanjiro become a monster?

Tanjiro becomes a monster as Muzan injects his blood into Tanjiro’s body and starts torturing him. However, Tanjiro is trying to protect his sister. Muzan realizes he is dying and must save Tanjiro, who fulfills his dream of becoming the King of Demons. But Tanjiro achieved his goal and saved everyone even though the demon’s blood saved him.

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