Where To Read Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308?

The second act of Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308 will shortly come to an end, and the third act, which follows the East Tokyo competition, will then commence. The mystery behind The East Tokyo Final Tournament, where Tei Tou Vs. Ugumori begins, is revealed in Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308. The lads are excited to compete against the greatest squad as soon as the final is revealed.

The Seidou High lads are also happy since they finally won a trophy after a long time. But the approaching game has the Ugumori guys eager. Boys in the dorm are talking about baseball tournaments when the chapter opens. The past year’s finals were considered by the students as being among their worst.

They acknowledge how moving and demoralising it was for everyone to cry and nearly have their eyeballs protrude. After understanding Zono is doing his best, the lads love talking about him while they eat. The bald punk sobbed that he was glad they made Koushien in time as the lads also gushed about the wonderful cuisine Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308.

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With everyone in the room, the bald punk demonstrates that he can still play baseball. The youngsters behind him are perplexed as to why he is sobbing once more. The bald man responds that sobbing is okay and that they should let him enjoy himself. The men in front of him recognise that the bald man is a crybaby baseball pretender.

The bald man, however, exhibits happiness in response to everything that occurs, and his friend gives him a fist pump on the chest and remarks that the man has a beautiful expression on. The bald punk is sporting a t-shirt with Seidou High written on it. There are other lads present, including Miyuki, Sawamura, and they all speak. Even though they may have won the match, Sawamura says he doesn’t feel like he defeated Narumiya Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308.

Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 307 Recap

Sawamura carries on his conversation with the lads, remarking that it was extraordinary for them to win the finals given how hard their competitors had pushed them. However, they succeeded with a single strike and emerged victorious. Miyuki understands that since Narumiya and Sawamura are the best rivals, Narumiya has inspired Sawamura to work hard and this causes Sawamura desire to defeat Narumiya in every game.

Even though Sawamura has prevailed, they are not yet content. Sawamura wants to make a big statement and face Narumiya one final time to determine who is superior to Narumiya. The lads are happy that Sawamura is not content and that he still has space to develop and accomplish new things.

Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308 The second man observes that Sawamura has not yet achieved his ultimate objectives. However, the lads made the decision to follow Sawamura since they couldn’t let him dominate by himself and bear the full load like he did in the previous game. Friends of Sawamura acknowledge that he constantly gives them a boost of inspiration.

The lads encourage Sawamura to calm down because they are simply complimenting their Ace when he complains that they are talking too much about him. The coach and his crew observe the guys as they converse from the sidelines and come to the conclusion that they are building an incredible squad. He acknowledges that the ninth inning during the game terrified him since the score was close to be knotted.

When is Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308 Coming Out?

When is Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308 Coming Out?

On October 29, 2022, Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308 will be released. Zono acknowledges that he will do his hardest to recover from the setback. They agree that they would meet in Koushien stadium when he invites Jun to come see them there. The lads start by working out and getting ready for the game. View the most recent changes to Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308.

Where To Read Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308?

On the official websites, you can read Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308 online. Talk about pitching at the mound was shared by Sawamura Miyuki and the others. Act 3 will come right after this chapter, which will be the last one. After the publication of Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 308, let’s get together.

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