Dandadan Chapter 70 Release Date, Where to Read Dandadan Chapter 70

Dandadan Chapter 70 will be released next week along with One Piece, My Hero Academia, Jujustus Kaisen, Black Clover and more flashy jump manga. While every other Shining manga is on hiatus this week, Dandadan comes to entertain with a new chapter and continues the epic battle between magical warriors against an alien kaiju monster.

A lot has been revealed about the Golden Ball, but we’re about to read another chapter full of action. There is only one way to defeat this giant monster and that is to make a giant monster of their own. Now that we have control of the robot, it’s time to kick some Kaiju butt. Let’s talk about Dandadan Chapter 70.

What is Dandadan chapter 70 about? What’s going to happen with weird high schools? Well, we can’t say for sure what will happen in Dandadan chapter 70, but we can definitely theorize about it. So, in this post, we will not only discuss the events of Dandadan Chapter 70 but also give you all the details you need regarding its release date and time and where you can read it for free.

But, before we get into all this, let’s have a look at the recap of Dandadan Chapter 69 and jog our memories because this might be a turning point now and we might find out something about the golden ball. Here we bring you the latest updates of Dandadan Manga series.

Dandadan Chapter 69 – Recap

As Okaroon pointed out, they created Nanoskin as a giant robot that resembled a Buddha statue, thanks to Momo’s imagination. However, they are having trouble moving the robot. Momo suggests that they press a button together, but that means that Okaroon will be cast by the evil eye. The kaiju monster knocks the giant robot down and submits it to Earth. Meanwhile, Evil Eye asks Okaroon to fight him, but he refuses and starts asking him for his help, while Kinta gains control of the robot by visualizing it. He transforms and rebuilds the robot into a very cool Buddha statue and is ready for round two.

Momo and Okaroon

Dandadan Chapter 70 Raw Scans and Spoilers

We get to enter a new arc where we fight an alien kaiju monster that ends in Dandadan chapter 70. Now that we have control over a giant robot that resembles a Buddha statue, Kinta and Okaru must do their weirdest imaginations to face the monster. . At one point, I’m sure Kinta turns the robot into a sexy giant robot to show how pervy he is. And with the robot, he would definitely kick Kaiju’s butt and probably defeat it.

Meanwhile, Akishin and Evil Eye do their best to fight the kaiju monster from outside the robot. Since Okaroon can no longer transform, Evil Eye follows his orders in return to fight Okaroon. It will be exciting to see how their team will perform in Dandadan Chapter 70. However, these are nothing but speculations. Actual events in Dandadan Chapter 70 may be different. Raw scans and spoilers of Dandadan Chapter 70 are yet to drop. They usually appear a few hours before the official release of the chapter. All we can do is wait for the chapter to be released.

Dandadan Chapter 70 Predictions

Fighting a Kaiju monster

Dandadan Chapter 70 Release Date

Dandadan Chapter 70 will release on Monday, August 22. As for the release times, it varies from region to region. The chapter will be released in Japan on July 18 at midnight. In India, it will be released at approximately 8:30 PM and in Eastern Europe, at 11:00 AM on Sunday, July 17. The chapter is probably going to stop fighting and we can see about the golden ball and where it disappeared to. Be sure to read below mentioned websites once it’s released.

Where to read Dandadan Chapter 70?

Dandadan Chapter 70 is available to read on various online platforms ie the media, Manga Plus and Shonen Jump’s official website after its release. The last three chapters are free to read, but you must switch to a paid platform to read the entire catalog.

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