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Dandadan Chapter 68 Release Date: Okaroon’s Attack Plan to Defeat the Kaiju

Let’s talk about Dandadan Chapter 68 Release Date. We will also talk about some theorems in the next chapter. Dandadan chapter 67 is very entertaining and fans are clamoring for the prospect of a high-stakes fight between Akishin and Kaiju Monster. This chapter has an evil vision with a new perspective, as he is seen in a costume that he doesn’t normally have. This could be a hint that the evil eye is slowly getting used to living his new life with Jin. Let’s discuss all these in detail. The Dandadan manga is written and illustrated by Yukinobu Tatsu.

The story follows the lives of two high school students, Momo Ayase and Ken Takakura. Both Momo and Ken are very interested in the supernatural, but different aspects of the subject. Momo is a fan of the supernatural phenomenon of ghosts, and Ken loves all things about aliens. Each having a similar and different approach to the supernatural cause, both Momo and Ken get into an argument over what is real, and this leads to a life-changing situation where each person tries to prove their point by visiting places that belong to each person. A supernatural event. This causes Momo and Ken to make a huge mistake, as they both have the power to destroy humanity if they don’t deal with the respective supernatural occult. Here are all the details regarding Dandaan Chapter 68 Release Date.

Dandadan Chapter 67 Recap

Dandadan Chapter 67 is titled “The Kaiju’s Wicked Strong”. The chapter opens with Jin and Erosuke escaping from a kaiju monster. And during their conversation, Erosuke begins belittling Jin as a beautiful bastard, which triggers the evil eye transformation. After hearing about the Evil Eye, Momo, and Okaroon’s location, he tries to chase them down to fight Okaroon again. On the other hand, Akishin and Momo are having trouble fighting the kaiju, who escape after Aira is injured. After arriving home, Momo and Okaroon try to find a way to defeat the monster as the kaiju slowly make their way to Momo’s house.

Akira tries to save Aira after she is attacked by a kaiju

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What happens in Dandadan Chapter 68?

Dandadan Chapter 67 ends with the kaiju monster arriving at Momo’s residence and there Akishin tells Momo that they can defeat the monster using the same nano skins they used to build their house. These nano skins are the real thing, focusing on the conversation in previous chapters when trying to build a house, where the alien nano skins are some kind of shape memory alloy machines that can take on the shape of anything. He thinks. So if an Akishin Kaiju tries to build a powerful machine big enough to overcome a monster, it will surely succeed.

Dandadan Chapter 68 - Akishin and Momo

Akishin discusses defeating Kaiju using nano skin technology

It will be a big decision for Okaroon to think about what to do, as many fans are anticipating that Okaroon will team up with Momo and the others to possibly build a giant robot that resembles the monster Godzilla. Most of the fan theories regarding this occasion sound fantastic and it would definitely be exciting to see a fight between Kaiju and the Mecha Godzilla Machine. Another aspect of the story also focuses on Evil Eye’s character development, as in the last few chapters Evil Eye has become less hostile towards others as Akishin promises to fight him at intervals. Seeing him fight alongside Okaroon and the others would be awesome. Well, there’s a lot waiting for our gang of supernatural warriors, so let’s wait for the next chapter to drop.

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When will Dandadan Chapter 68 release?

Dandadan Chapter 68 will release on August 8 at midnight (JST zone).

  • IST Zone Timings – August 8 at 8:30 PM
  • EST Zone Time – 8 August 11:00 AM

Where to read Dandadan Chapter 68?

You can read Dandadan Chapter 68 and all other available chapters of Wiz Through the official website or the Shonen Manga Plus app on your devices.

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