DA40 Plane Crash in France

By | 11 Oct 2020

A major accident is being reported on Sunday. In France, two aircraft were hit strongly. Several passengers were killed in the incident. According to the information, the two planes that collided were a passenger aircraft and the other was a microlight aircraft. The entire country has been killed by this incident.


Collision between passenger plane and microlight plane
A major plane crash occurred in France. A passenger aircraft collided with a microlight jet during the flight here on Saturday. Five passengers were reported to have died in the incident. With the confirmation from French government spokesman Nadia Seghair, it was reported that 2 people were on board the microlight plane during the accident, while 3 people were on board the DA40 passenger plane.

Five killed in France plane crash, both plane crashes

It is reported that the collision between the two planes was so horrific that the microlight plane went to a house and landed, while the passenger aircraft landed far away from the residential area. Although there was a relief that only two people on the plane died in the house where the microlight plane crashed and the people of the locality survived the hair.

50 firefighters on the spot, found on fire overcome
But the crowd took off after the accident. There was a fire on the plane, which about 50 firefighters rushed to the spot to extinguish and tried to extinguish the fire on the plane. The fire was controlled after hours of mashhad.

Plane crash being investigated
So far, five persons who died in the plane crash have not been identified. According to police, the plane crash is under investigation. It is said that the traveller plane was in a accident after flying from the city of Poyyyars. The aircraft has been in accident about 62 miles from Loche.

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