Clash Of Decks New card game that surprise You

This week we offer you a very original board game. It’s not so much because of its mechanics clash of decks stands out, but due to its way of distribution…

The transitions between video games and board games are becoming more and more common, be it customization or the use of licenses from one to the other. but clash of decks takes this parallel even further as it adopts the distribution method of some of the most popular titles: play for free ! But first let’s see what the point is, playfully speaking.

clash of decks consists only of cards, about thirty in the initiation pack, all different. Three modes are offered, which simply determine the cards in his deck (his deck hence the name of the game), with the game itself being played the same way.

So when we discover the game, we use a pre-packaged one. Then we either build it in advance, or this step is integrated into the game by splitting the cards with your opponent (the principle of the draft ).

Clash of Decks, the atypical card game that surprised us

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