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Cipher Academy Chapter 2 will appear in the upcoming issue of weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and yet another new series has begun. This new series is a new entry in Shonen Jump Magazine, marking the second consecutive entry in the magazine week in and week out.

Cipher Academy is a series written by NisiOisiN and Yūji Iwasaki is helping him with the artwork. The former has been working in this industry for decades and his previous works are Monogatari and Medaka Box. While Yūji Iwasaki has been working on a few one-shot manga including collaborating with NisiOisiN. This indicates that Cipher Academy is a work of two rather than one and after reading the first chapter of the series I have to say that this series is very unique with a strong foundation.

However, while reading the chapter, I realized that the series focuses heavily on the Japanese market and not the globe, as it features Japanese studies and codes for the codes to be deciphered, and I think the Japanese fans will enjoy this seriously much better than the fans around the globe.

But hey, if you’re someone who enjoys deciphering things and wants to know the answer to the content, this series is made for fans like her. Since the Shonen Jump manga focuses on teens to toddlers, I wonder how many people can even understand the context that this manga needs to provide.

So, what’s this serious and should we look forward to the new chapters of the series? Well, it all depends on personal taste and unless you try it, you have no way of knowing if it suits you or not. I think it’s worth spending 10 minutes reading the first chapter of the series and making up your own mind.

In this post, we will talk about Cipher Academy Chapter 2 in detail. Since the series is new, fans all over the world could surely have questions about it, so we’ll be sure to give you the details on it, like the release date and of course where to read the chapter once it comes out. Without further ado, let’s get into that.

Cipher Academy Chapter 1 Review

The series has an intriguing foundation and as I mentioned earlier, it’s unlike what I’ve seen in the shonen jump category. It taught me what Cipher Academy was all about and what people in this industry do for a living made me very stupid.

Read Cipher Academy Chapter 2 Online

There’s an intriguing line on the cover of Chapter 1 of Cipher Academy that says “World War IV will be fought with pen and paper,” which piqued my interest in the show. We follow the name of the main character Iroha who enters Cipher Academy because he could be admitted anywhere and Cipher Academy didn’t have an entrance exam or anything like that.

But to his surprise, the Cipher Academy is a military school and very strict and for the three years he will be there, Iroha will have to do nothing but decrypt. I was really at a loss as to whether Iroha was a girl or a boy until the characters made it clear to me that Iroha was a boy.

With the introduction of a tyrant and a friend in the first chapter of the series, it started off on a fantastic one, and people who want to see adventures won’t be disappointed with some heavy tech included in the series either.

Cipher Academy Chapter 2 Release date

As mentioned, Cipher Academy is a new serial entry in the Shonen Jump series and like the Shonen Jump manga, the new chapters of Cipher Academy will be featured in the new issue of the weekly. Hence, Cipher Academy Chapter 2 will be published on Sunday, November 27, 2022 in the 52nd issue of the weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Read Cipher Academy Chapter 2 online for free

Like many other Shonen Jump series, the new chapters of Cipher Academy will be featured first in Shonen Jump Magazine, and later the new chapter will be shared online on various platforms such as: Namely media and MangaPlus.

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