Best Google Chrome Extension For Bloggers

Blogging is hard day by day.

Competing for other blogs in your niche might be a difficult task but not impossible if you doing it in the correct direction.

You can add those bloggers’ chrome extension tools through the google chrome store.

Using these tools, your blogging tasks are easier and save lots of time also.

I will write this useful article for you to know all of these chrome extension names and use them on your blogs. 

Email Hunter

For a blogger, email outreach is one of the most important steps. This tool helps to find the website’s owner’s email address easily.

Whether asking for backlinks or connected with other bloggers this free email hunter tool is the best choice for you.


It’s very difficult to stay focused on your blogging works while popup countless notifications on your screen. This will make you lazy and procrastinate on work. 

Let me explain how this tool works. 

On this tool, you add websites or apps where you waste lots of time like Facebook, Instagram, and so on. After that, you are able to use that website for a limited time and when times are up Stayfocud blocked all websites for the next few days. 

This is how these tools help you to increase your productivity level and saves lots of time. 


Literally, No one LOVED the content you write if they have any grammar or spelling mistakes.

If you want your content to perform well then you must ensure having error-free content you publish. 

When talking about the best chrome extension for making error-free and avoiding every grammar mistake from your content then Grammarly tools come into the field. 

Just copy and paste your content on Grammarly it will show you all grammar mistakes and indicate where you write the wrong spelling.

You can use it for FREE and PAID both. For beginners, it’s best if they use the free version. 

Link Miner 

Broken Links on a blog hurt SEO efforts and down your google ranking too. That’s why this tool must-have for every blogger.

If you want to find broken links, go with Link Miner Tool. It will find all of the broken links available on a blog, you need to just add on your chrome extension and scan the website. Within a second these tools show you broken links.

Awesome Screenshot

In Blog content, images play an important role to attracts more eyeballs to your content and making them more high quality and informative. It helps readers to understand what you want to say in a better way.

For example- If you explain how to create an account on a [X] platform, how do you explain without including screenshots, right?

These types of content need screenshots in order to make high-quality content.

When comes to capturing screenshots department, this chrome extension is an amazing tool with lots of useful features included. You can capture a screenshot of the whole page or a specific part of the page. Many bloggers Including me used these tools for my blog content. 


With MozBar, you see important SEO metrics like DA and PA. It saves lots of effort and time to discover low-quality and high-quality websites. 

Just enable this Blogger chrome extension and it will show you all of the important blog metrics on SERPs. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you will get somethings helpful and informative knowledge by reading this article where I’ll explain the most useful chrome extension loved by bloggers and marketers too.

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