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Chainsaw Man Webtoon Ending Explained “Ancient Devil”

Tatsunori Fujimoto created the illustrations for the shonen manga Chainsaw Man. One of the stories that has drawn fans’ attention is the one about Chainsaw Man. The most recent manga series, Chainsaw Man, is well regarded by all of the fans. Everything you require to know about Chainsaw Man Chapter 112 will be covered.

Chainsaw Man Manga

Chainsaw Man Manga
Chainsaw Man Manga

Chainsaw Man Chapter spoilers were not available at the time of publication. These spoilers often start appearing online three to four days before the movie’s scheduled premiere. Online communities like Reddit and 4chan are where you can find them. Therefore, we anticipate that on November 19, 2022, this week will be accessible.

Chainsaw Man Ending Explained

We may infer that Denji will be the primary focus of Chainsaw Man chapter 112 as the fake Chainsaw Man debuted in the previous issue. Fans can anticipate that after hearing more made-up stories about “Chainsaw Man’s” activities in the neighbourhood, he will begin to suspect, if not figure out, the impostor’s existence.

Denji and Hirofumi Yoshida will most likely debate this at school, during which Hirofumi will accuse Denji of committing atrocities under the alias Chainsaw Man. Yoshida and Denji could eventually work together in this situation since they both care about keeping Chainsaw Man’s heroic reputation.

The details of Yuko’s passing might be revealed to Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man chapter 112. If this happens, it’s possible that the media would attribute Chainsaw Man to her demise even if they lack conclusive proof. If this happens, it could be just what Asa Mitaka needs to join Yoru in his fight against Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man Recap Summary

Yuko came just to say goodbye and warn Asa that the Justice Devil was still present at school. She told Asa that she must now travel in search of a relative, a Devil Hunter, who she thinks may heal her. Asa offered Yuko shoes as a farewell gift because she had been so kind to her when they first met.

Yuko is kidnapped and eventually slaughtered by a person whose silhouette resembles that of Chainsaw Man while Denji, Nayuta, Asa, and Asa’s freckled classmates are sound asleep.

Final Words

The Shonen Manga series never disappoints. As the series is becoming more well-known for its dark comedies and horror thrillers, this new manga series Chainsaw Man will be yet another masterpiece. The series has intriguing plot twists in every new chapter. The most recent ongoing manga series Chainsaw Man is something you should definitely read if you like action series with elements of horror and humor.

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