Chainsaw Man: Hayakawa & Power could lead to Denji’s death

Only two episodes in the long-awaited chainsaw Man Anime already makes protagonist Denji a polarizing figure. He’s a real badass warrior, thanks to his “devil” dog, Pochita, who lives in his soul. At the same time, he’s quite immature and carefree, which makes it seem like he just wasn’t cut out for combat. However, given his impoverished life and all the losses he’s suffered, Denji is an extremely likable character – and now Makima’s Public Safety Unit is using his skills as a hunter in cruel ways.

It gets viewers rooting for him, but his nonchalant demeanor still makes him feel like a self-destructive brat. Now more than ever, Denji needs to get up as his boss and crush Makima has made it clear that if he doesn’t kill in time, he will be slaughtered. Unfortunately, Denji has a few other issues with his peers that can easily result in his head getting stuck on a spike.

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Hayakawa from Chainsaw Man hates all devils

Hayakawa is in charge of Unit 4, which houses Denji. However, on their first mobile patrol, a fight breaks out in an alley when Hayakawa views him as a stubborn kid. He just can’t take the trust and responsibility that is shown towards Denji, who is clearly doing it for the money and is also a pervert around Makima.

Makima asks them to settle the dispute when they come back in, but that might cause problems later. Denji ends up killing a target on a mission, leading to Hayakawa admitting he hates it Everyone Devils, even hybrids that are teamed up. This is because devils killed his family, so Denji has to watch his back. It’s easy to see Hayakawa literally to betray him in the name of revenge and portray it all as the devil’s demonic attack.

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The power of the chainsaw man is a hot-headed risk

Hayakawa and Makima end up teaming up with Denji, with Power, a devil hybrid, but she’s completely uncontrollable on the field. She ambushes a huge demon and mercilessly slaughters it, but it was another hunter’s target. She shouldn’t be invading other people’s territory like that, but given her superiority complex, she doesn’t care. So it’s easy to see the fraternity turning against them chainsaw man continues.

Given that Denji is their partner and also a hybrid, these hunters can actually believe they are doing society a favor by taking out people who have demons in their blood and interfering with their bounties. Denji must stop Power from being a liability and get her to show patience with these contracts; Life is hard enough as it seeks out demons and kills them alone. Ultimately, they shouldn’t be making enemies within their own circle – especially knowing that the likes of Hayakawa don’t mind covering up any kind of betrayal, believing the world is better off without devils of any form.

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