Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Release Date, Where to Read Chainsaw Man Chapter 103?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 is around the corner. The story begins after a new Bat Devil attacks and Yoko and Asa chase after it. But the Bat Devil is so big that it destroys the building and collapses everything around them. Yoko and Asa are sent to the Elder and realize that the Bat Devil is very powerful. Asa notices that Yuko is injured and a spike has entered her ankle. However, Yoru decides to kill Yoko and use Yoko as a weapon.

Yoru assigns Asa the task of killing Yoko, since she is no use and she can escape with the others. Yoru believes that Yoko would be better off dying by their hands instead of being killed by the Bat Devil.

She tells the truth about her death and promises to live more selfishly if given another chance. Yoru insists that Asa kill Yoko, it will give her a new change in life, or they will all die. Asa thinks deeply and decides to choose between killing and saving Yoko. After a few minutes, Asa decides to save Yoko, even though Yoko becomes a burden because she can’t run. She carries Yoko in her arms and begins to run away from the Bat Devil. Asa feels good knowing she is doing the right thing by saving Yoko.

She wonders if Yoru is testing her or if she is telling the truth as she would if she were in his place and kills Yoko. However, Asa starts to panic because Yoko is heavy, and after tripping, she falls out with Yoko. Asa realizes that she has a habit of tripping and recalls the time she tripped and fell when it mattered most.

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Asa realizes that she has ruined her friend’s birthday party by slipping and falling. One day when Asa’s house was attacked by a typhoon devil, she too slipped and fell, almost killing her.

Previously on Chainsaw Man Chapter 102

Chapter Name: “Save the Cat.” All the time, when she is on the verge of death, she always trips and falls. Asa remembers when the war started, there was destruction everywhere. That day, she stopped after noticing an injured cat and decided to save it because she couldn’t let go of a man on the brink of death. She slipped away with the cat after catching it. Karma always happens to the original self. But her mother came and took her to safety. But Asa’s mother died because of this, she died smiling that her daughter was safe.

Asa remembers what Yuuko told him before the Bat Devil started attacking. Yoko always tells Asuka not to worry if her actions go wrong. But as long as Asa’s heart is in the right place, it is all that matters and that makes Asa happy. Asa takes Yoko’s words and realizes that she needs to be herself in order to enjoy her life and live it like that. She continues to help her friends and her past motivates her not to give up. But the Bat Devil increases its speed and is going to approach them. Unfortunately, the bat devil swallows Yoko and Asa at the same time.

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Suddenly the chainsaw man comes crashing through the building with a huge devil. Kills the Bat Devil with one blow. Before the Bat Devil dies, it pukes on Yoko and Asa, who are still alive. Chainsaw Man drags a giant devil through a city block as they engage in a fierce battle. A giant devil forces a chainsaw man to rescue a car full of old women and a young aspiring student. But the chainsaw man cuts off a giant devil’s head. Later in the news another act of heroism unfolds and the Chainsaw Man defeats the Cockroach Devil.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Release Date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 will release on 30th August 2022. The previous two chapters of this manga have been delayed, but Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 is back and won’t be taking a week off after releasing the next two chapters. You can also check Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 official details below.

Chapter 103 of Chainsaw Man

Where to Read Chainsaw Man Chapter 103?

You can read Chainsaw Man chapter 103 online on Wiz. New chapters of Chainsaw Man are released every Wednesday unless there are interruptions. Chainsaw Man Manga is also available on Mangaplus. See you when Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 is released.

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