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Chainsaw Man: All of Pochita’s skills listed!

SPOILERS AHEAD! Chainsaw Man spoilers are available on this page (manga). We never imagined that Denji’s adorable little dog companion would someday be powerful enough to terrify all the devils. Pochita’s small appearance is evidently a ploy, and the nasty, four-legged chainsaw devil everyone dreads is actually Pochita.

Making all creatures quake in dread is what actually makes him strong. Let’s investigate!

The second-strongest demon in Chainsaw Man after the Primordial Devils is Chainsaw Devil, also known as Pochita. All other devils dread him because he is a devil. He has the power to end the existence of demons and stop their reincarnation cycle.

Is Chainsaw Man suitable for younger viewers?

All of Pochita’s skills listed!

Pochita's skills

1. Devil Extinction

Pochita has a power called Devil Erasure that causes all other demons to shudder in horror. He has the power to absorb the name of the devil and remove them from everyone they have ever encountered.

Additionally, Chainsaw Man stops the rebirth of the demons he exterminated. Pochita became a spooky monster as a result, earning the moniker “Devil of Devils.”

2. Chainsaw Attachments

Chainsaw phobia is personified by Pochita. His skull and four limbs have been replaced by a saw. These saws shred people apart and operate like actual chainsaws.

Chainsaw To draw it nearer, you may also split the saws apart and tangle the treasure. When you are dealing with several adversaries, this is extremely helpful.

3. Amazing speed

Chainsaw Devil is renowned for moving so quickly. He didn’t waste a single move when battling Makima, tearing her to pieces.

Victims are unable to even respond to its rapidity. It has a teleportation-like appearance.

4. Tremendous strength

Pochita says that because of his strength, he was unable to have a typical social life. People may die from simple handshakes and hugs, thus he was unable to give them either.

His arms were so deadly that even the smallest motions might murder people. He can easily murder many people and damage structures.

5. Healing power

Pochita was an exceptionally powerful regenerator in his initial form. Without any more blood, the heart alone was sufficient for him to fully heal.

Denji’s capacity to fully regenerate and impersonate Denji so that Makima would be deceived was also demonstrated when he took out his heart.

Does this big devil even have a weakness?

Chainsaw The Devil’s only vulnerability is that he thrives on the fear that people feel. That is, his influence would be lost if people ceased being afraid of chainsaws.

The emotional element should also be taken into account since Pochita feels deeply about Denji, and any threat to Denji may cause Pochita to lose her ability to reason.

Primordial devil, stronger than the most feared devil!

Primordial devil, stronger than the most feared devil!

The demons that represent the fears that are innately present in the human brain are known as primal or primordial devils.

To further clarify, these phobias are ingrained rather than developed later in life. These fears, like the dread of falling, are encoded into our brains.

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