CES 2021: Latest News and Rumors

By | 2 Jan 2021

Although digital CES cannot replicate the Las Vegas technology of previous years, there should be many expectations for CES 2021 next month.

The online exhibition will be held at CES on January 2021. The exhibition is scheduled to be held from November 14th to 14th, and sets several trends for the exhibition – including enabling a remote workforce, accelerating 5G, and focusing on new uses in the coronavirus era.

At the same time, large-scale CES rumors about Samsung, Sony and other device manufacturers are circulating, while companies such as Intel and AMD hold large-scale press conferences and may show new products at CES 2021.

What are the 10 CES rumors and trends to see in digital CES in 2021?

Samsung Foldables and Galaxy S Rumors

Rumors about Samsung making an important announcement at CES this year are circulating – if anything, Samsung is burning. Android Authority cited a major Samsung store in India and recently reported that the next phone in Samsung’s premium Galaxy S series will be released on January 14.

The date coincides with the last day of CES, which will trigger rumors that Samsung may choose to carry the case. Since MWC was postponed in late June this year, the Galaxy S event held at CES in 2021 will replace the new Galaxy S phone, which is usually launched in late February (consistent with the World Mobile Congress).

New CPUs From Intel For Desktops and Laptops

Intel plans to give a number of speeches between January 11 and 12, two of which will focus on Chipmacher’s mobile self-driving car business, and the other will focus on the PC market.

In the latter, “How Intel promotes innovation in process technology, packaging and architecture to provide consumers with a transformative computing experience” will be discussed by other executives, Gregory Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of Intel’s customer computing division. It is similar to a business.

Although Intel has not disclosed the information it plans to disclose at the conference, the company has previously stated that it plans to launch Tiger Lake Pro processors for commercial laptops, gaming desktops and Ice Lake processors. For servers before 2021, there are other surprises, because other types of products have been shown before (such as Lakefield hybrid processors and DG1 Discrete).

Graphics card, now called Iris X Max. Given that Intel has begun to introduce discrete GPU products with Iris X Max for laptops and Intel server GPUs, this is not surprising. What if Intel finds new servers and desktop GPUs that have been mocked before?

New AMD CPUs for Servers and desktops

AMD CEO Lisa Su (pictured) is one of the larger speakers who will deliver a speech at CES 2021 on January 12, and if we anticipate what he will announce based on the previous Keynote, new products will be displayed. In a press release announcing the CES keynote, AMD stated: “AMD will propose a philosophy for the future of research, education, work, entertainment, and gaming, including a series of high-performance computing and graphics solutions.”

In October, this chip manufacturer launched the first processor product line Ryzen 5000 desktop CPU that uses its new Zen 3 architecture, so Su is likely to bring new inspiration to other product lines based on Zen 3. This may include Rison’s new product line. processor.

The first and third generation EPYC server processors are detected and the code names match. We are very confident in the news of Ryzen and EPYC, and pointed out that R told CRN in a recent interview that both product lines will use processors based on the new Zen 3.

In the past few months, AMD has begun to introduce new Radon graphics cards based on its new rDNA 2 GPU architecture and new Instinct Server GPUs based on cDNA architecture, so AMD is likely to be news.

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