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Celebrate Pokemon Go fashion week with the most “drippy” costume combo

As Pokemon Go’s fashion week draws to a close, one trainer has set himself the task of creating the most “dripping” costume combination to ever grace the game.

Pokemon Go’s Fashion Week event featured tons of fancy-dressed Pokemon and some new cosmetic options for trainers to jazz up their avatars.

Although some fans called the event pointless, others recognized it as a fun break between bigger events planned for the future.

Now, a trainer celebrated fashion week by creating a bold, tongue-in-cheek costume for his avatar character that used a combination of some hilarious accessories.

Pokemon Go trainer shows off ‘pristine drip’

A user named ard5995 has a post on Pokemon Go underreddit entitled “Did I make a fashion?” who presented their in-game trainer in a really special outfit.

To liven up the outfit, the trainer donned the Pa’u style Oricorio hat and Lugia mask for a truly impressive start. They also outfitted the Ho-Oh Wings to continue the Legendary Bird theme.

As for her upper body, the trainer wore the Hoopa Unbound t-shirt with fluffy black and white Obstagoon gloves.

For their legs, they don Team Aqua shorts accessorized with white and blue striped tights and Delibird boots to really finish off the outfit.

Other Pokemon Go players joined in, joking about the admittedly hideous costume combo.

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“Still better than Blanche,” said one fan, referring to Team Mystic’s leader’s new appearance, which didn’t sit well with the Pokemon Go community.

Another player praised ard5995’s wardrobe, calling it an “impeccable drip” before making an unsavory comparison of what they thought it resembled.

Others were intrigued by the combination of accessories chosen, like user saltforsnails, who said: “I love this. This is borderline experimental. I hope you also equipped a suitably silly pose.”

While Pokemon Go‘s Fashion Week event isn’t for everyone, it seems some trainers found joy in at least some aspects of it.

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