Caustic “buffs” controller players in Apex Legends

If you’re using a controller in Apex Legends, you might want to select Caustic as a regular character, since he actually helps with aiming in some cases.

Just like many other multiplayer titles in recent years, the debate surrounding aim assist in Apex Legends has raged on and on.

Many PC players don’t want to play in lobbies that use controllers – whether on a console or another PC – as they find the aim assist to be similar to a soft aimbot. On the other hand, some console gamers would like it to be improved to combat the skills of some keyboard and mouse gamers.

It’s a debate that will never end, although steps have been taken to level the playing field. However, it seems like using Caustic can actually give you an edge on the aim assist side.

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Caustic “buffs” controller players in Apex Legends

It was highlighted by Apex Legends YouTuber skepticism who noted that Caustic’s Gas doesn’t work like Bangalore’s smoke in terms of aim assist.

When Bang’s smoke bursts, Aim Assist is briefly disabled and doesn’t work even if you have a Digital Threat Scope. However, when Caustic uses his gas grenade, you still get the extra boost of aim assist – even if the target you’re chasing is completely covered in the toxic gas.

“This means that using caustic gas basically improves the controller,” the YouTuber said in his short video, showing the difference between the two abilities.

A few Caustic mains commented that they’ve known this for a while and that’s why they keep using Toxic Trapper despite its mediocre pick rate. “Add in the fact that the gas slows down enemies and you can see why Caustic is highly favored by controller players, especially in competition,” said one.

Other players felt that it is not a special buff and that the Bangalore comparison is a bit wrong as their smoke is much thicker than the gas.

Of course, Respawn could address that, but it’s hardly like Caustic needs any more nerfs.

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