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Asus Zenbeam: The Coffee Projector

ASUS announced a new portable projector and speaker called ZenBeam Latte, named after a coffee cup-like shape (and hope it will keep you awake).Zenbeam Latte (here in after referred to as “Latte”) announced at CES 2021 that its goal is to solve the problem of large, unmodified home projectors by providing powerful performance in a… Read More »

Top 6 Fascinating Technological Gadgets of 2021

By filling the space between our expectations and existing products, inventions have changed the overall state of the world to a large extent. Over time, out of curiosity and purpose, mankind invented many gadgets in 2020 but the 2021 Top technological gadgets are somewhat more cool. These gadgets were not only helpful to humans at… Read More »

Upcoming Budget Smartphones in 2021

As we all know, 2020 has been quite a rough year for everyone due to the pandemic. But one thing that everyone realizes is the need for a smartphone. Although the technology was already advanced and rapidly growing too, still many people prefer to use it less. But in 2020 the need for smartphones increased… Read More »