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New PUBG Game in India To Launch By 2022

PUBG is about to launch two new games similar to Player Unknown’s Battleground to expand its Battle Royal field. Kraft CEO Jin Changhan has confirmed this information. PUBG is about to launch new games It has been proposed that new PUBG-based games can be introduced to PCs and consoles. However, mobile users will not have… Read More »

CES 2021: Latest News and Rumors

Although digital CES cannot replicate the Las Vegas technology of previous years, there should be many expectations for CES 2021 next month. The online exhibition will be held at CES on January 2021. The exhibition is scheduled to be held from November 14th to 14th, and sets several trends for the exhibition – including enabling… Read More »

Why Deepika Padukone Deleted all Instagram and Twitter Posts

Deepika Padukone has just posted her first post on her Instagram shortly before. The first is because last night he surprised everyone by doing all his posts. Fans were speculating about what happened with Deepika after which she blew all her old posts. Deepika has 52.5 million or about 5 crore followers on her account.… Read More »