Who Invented Black Fungus?

Who Invented Black Fungus?
Welcome, folks. In this post we are going to talk about who invented black fungus. Let’s get started with a quick introduction to Black Fungus What is Black Fungus? Black Fungus, also known as black mold or black mildew, is... Read more

Who discovered counting from 1 to 9 and when? Read here

Who discovered counting
Do you know who discovered counting from 1 to 9 and when? If not, then definitely read this article till the end. Who discovered counting from 1 to 9?  At present, mathematics is used in almost every field. Without mathematics,... Read more

Who invented electricity?

who invented electricity?
Electricity is one of the most important inventions in human history. It’s hard to imagine living without it. But who invented electricity? What is Electricity Electricity is a form of energy that flows through conductors, like wires and metals. It... Read more

What ROE Is and Who invented Return On Equity?

What ROE Is and Who invented Return On Equity?
ROE refers to the return on equity, which is the return that a company generates on its shareholders’ equity investment. The equity investment can be in the form of shares, bonds, or other securities. ROE is often used as a... Read more

What is dynamite and who invented it?

You must have heard the name of a big explosive like dynamite, but do you know who invented dynamite, if not, then let us tell you what is dynamite and who invented dynamite. What is Dynamite Dynamite is an explosive... Read more

Who Invented The word “Good Evening”

Good Evening
Good evening everyone! I was just curious, who invented the phrase “good evening”? it’s such a nice, polite way to greet someone at the end of the day. According to the oxford english dictionary, the phrase “Good Evening” was first... Read more

Who invented the game board?

Who invented the game board
Do you like playing games? Who invented the game board? Games have been around for centuries, and the game board has been a staple for many of those games. But who invented it? What is game board? A game board... Read more

Who discovered science and when?

who discovered science
Inside science we are given such knowledge which has been clarified by experiment. Thought, observation, knowledge, and experiment are very important in science. It gives us knowledge related to our nature. Today, everything around us is related to science. We... Read more

Who Invented Calculus?

Who invented calculus? This is a question that has puzzled historians and mathematicians for centuries. Some say it was Isaac Newton, while others claim that it was Gottfried Leibniz. The debate continues to this day. What is Calculus? This is... Read more

Who Invented Walking?

There’s a lot of debate surrounding who invented walking, but the answer is clear. Walking is an innate human ability that we’ve been using for centuries to get around. What is Walking? Walking is a mode of locomotion that is... Read more