Canuckle word answer “stick” 24 June 2022

Canuckle is Wordle’s Canadian counterpart, where each word has a Canadian theme. Players must guess the five-letter word without any hints according to the same game rules. When a guess is made, the colour of the tiles will change to show you if the letters you guessed are in the solution and whether you correctly positioned them in the word.

Just the bright red replaces the green to indicate that you have the appropriate letter in the right spot, making the colours somewhat different. The other colours, grey and yellow, are both the same and indicate whether or not the letter is part of the word. When you correctly identify the answer, you are also given a fun fact. You can see the wonderful facts being expounded on on their Twitter account, @CanuckleGame.

We’ll go over the solutions, reveal the interesting trivia at the conclusion of the problem, and provide you with hints before you identify the word yourself!

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Answer Hints For Canuckle June 24, 2022

Hint – Starts with the letter K.

Hint – It begins with the letter S.

Hint – The term now only has one vowel.

Hint – Your hockey equipment.

Canuckle 135 Word Answer 24 June 2022

The answer for Todays Canuckle 135 answer is: “STICK

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