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Buyers Guide: Which Chromebook is Best for Online Classes

Knowing whether a Chromebook can meet your needs is not easy. They have surprisingly similar names (except for the Google Pixelbook, which constitutes the rules) and some truly outstanding features. Many times this happens: Chromebooks provide a minimalist option. Therefore, we conducted tests to distinguish the difference between premium and useless Chromebooks (often at the same price).

Chromebooks are a student’s favorite and ideal for anyone who is always online. Many devices provide amazing battery life and can run most Android applications for Chrome OS in the Google Play Store. Oh, and if you are not familiar with Chrome OS, you can use it without spending time, it is a very lightweight alternative to Windows 10 and macOS.

However, please do not think that Chromebooks are suitable for children: the new high-performance laptop Intel Evo brand will not bring reliable performance to Windows 10, because the project will be used to improve Chromebooks using the Athena brand. . . AMD also announced a new Chromebook processor based on Risen, which, according to its records, should compete fiercely with the new Intel chips.

Chromebooks are a favorite of students and teachers and are much simpler to use than PCs and Macs. This is mainly because they run in the Chrome browser. Unless you emulate an Android app or one of the experts running Linux on a Chromebook, everything you do on the Chromebook will be in the Chrome window.

There are many types of convertibles, and its touch screen is very suitable for Android applications (only works poorly when used with a mouse and keyboard). Although Chromebooks are considered devices by most students, they now include many elegant models that can replace commercial laptops.

So lets Take a look at the Best Chromebook For Classes

  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Chromebook
  • HP x360 14c Chromebook
  • Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5
  • ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02

SAMSUNG Galaxy Chromebook

Buyers Guide: Which Chromebook is Best for Online Classes
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The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is a beautiful two-in-one laptop that takes the premium features you’re busy streamlining your Galaxy Chromebook, you can’t see some of its interesting tricks. For example, Samsung’s S Pen has a camera on the side and a keyboard panel.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Chromebook is surrounded by an elephant in the room: disappointingly short battery life. If you spend a lot of time at home, although this may not be the main issue, this reduction may prevent Samsung’s premium Chromebooks from competing in top products.

At CES 2021, Samsung announced the Galaxy Chromebook 2, which is designed to extend battery life with a lower resolution display. I don’t want to say that this technology is sexy, but the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is an amazing 2-in-1 laptop. We tested a Galaxy Chromebook painted in a hue called Samsung Fiesta Red (Samsung also produced a less exciting gray), and it proved what a simple paint coating can do. In contrast, it seems to be the best quality laptop. However, as this Samsung Galaxy Chromebook review points out, those who are looking for a Chromebook with outstanding performance and style will love this convertible.

HP x360 14c Chromebook

HP x360 14c Chromebook Buyers Guide: Which Chromebook is Best for Online Classes
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The Chromebook x360 14c Chrome has a sleek silver-gray tablet with four basic HP logos to beautify its lid. The lid is closed with a strong magnetic seal, so it must be kept open.
When you release the display slightly in laptop mode, Full HD (1,920–1,080 pixels) will swing on the touch screen and firmly fix the crease in the familiar switchable mode. However, when the device is folded back to tablet mode, there will be a big difference between the screen and the dock.

On the left and right sides of the laptop, you can find USB Type-C ports suitable for plugging in an AC typewriter. There is a power button, volume rocker, and a small sliding switch on the left edge to deactivate the webcam. On the right is the USB Type-A port (which has the same jaw design as the Ethernet port of some laptops), audio jack, and microSD card slot. The backlit keyboard follows the standard Chromebook layout, with caps lock in the top row and brightness and volume controls instead of browser / search / menu keys.

However, if you don’t mind carrying too many ballasts, the HP Chromebook X360 14C is an excellent Chrome OS convertible that can save a lot of money for many company models and luxury models. worth considering. In addition, in the early days, we saw different price cuts for HP models, with a price cut of $130, while Best Buy’s price cut was $499. At this price, Spin 713 is effortless.

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5

Buyers Guide: Which Chromebook is Best for Online Classes
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It is based on an ARM-based processor, its price is $250 (down to full HD resolution), and a machine sells for more than $700. The price of the machine is lower than that of advanced models such as Google Pixelbook Go. However, since the original design of the Flex 5 chassis can be reused in many different SKUs at a higher cost, the Flex 5 Chromebook can benefit from a high-quality, stylish design.
Advanced features include a 360-degree hinge, which is common in Windows laptops and rare in Chromebooks. By rotating the rear hinge 180 degrees, you can stretch the laptop like a tent, rest it on the canvas like a keyboard, or flatten the laptop completely and use it as a tablet.

The Flex 5 chassis may be sturdy, but not ugly. Lenovo uses a unique soft-touch plastic coating on the sides of the laptop and keyboard panel, and laptops like to hold it. The graphite gray color scheme of our review unit is also difficult, which makes this notebook darker and more attractive than the silver solutions of other Lenovo ultraportable notebooks. There is an impressive Chromebook port on the case, and since most Chromebook users don’t need to plug in multiple peripherals, they usually skip the physical connection. On the left edge, you will find a USB-C port (ac adapter cable is also accepted), a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A port, a headphone jack and a microSD card reader. On the right side, there is an additional USB-C port.

Like other members of the Flex 5 series, the Flex 5 Chromebook provides sufficient physical flexibility, rich connectivity options, and advanced design features. Although it is not the cheapest Chromebook, it is undoubtedly a bargain compared to similar Windows computers, and Google is a premium member of the Chrome series.

ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02

Buyers Guide: Which Chromebook is Best for Online Classes

For the same reason, the Asus C202S is a good budget Chromebook, and for schools, it is also a good Chromebook. Designed for tolerance, it can be shared among students, carried around in the classroom, or pushed into a backpack. It can not only deal with accidental wear and tear in the home environment. Frankly speaking, most Chromebooks that cost about $200 will not face many challenges, but in fact, you need to do some work to eliminate the C202S. The durable design also makes it easier to use than the best models.

Connectivity includes two USB-A ports (one on each side), and both USB 3.0 are super high-speed, which means you can get an amazing 5Gbps data transfer rate. There is also an HDMI port, SD card slot and audio jack on the left, and a locking port and AC jack on the right. These ports are reinforced to facilitate continuous plugging and replay, and to avoid the truth of tripping and pulling ropes in classroom life.



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