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WHO claims: Corona will not stop in India only through lockdown, this big task will have to be done

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in India In view of the danger, Sarkara performed a 21-day lockdown WHO won’t prevent corona virus from lockdown.

New Delhi. The Coronavirus has caused  all over the world. In India also, this virus is spreading very fast. However, Indian council of medical research (ICMR) says that the virus is still in the second stage in the country. At the same time, to stop the third stage of the virus, the government has decided to lockdown till 14 April. Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has made a big statement about India.

The WHO says that the lockdown will not stop the virus in the country. Rather, some big and tough decisions have to be made.

WHO Chairman Doctor Tandos said that India has the ability to defeat the dangerous corona virus. He also praised decisions like lockdown. But, on the third stage, the WHO chairman said that in countries where strict decisions are not taken at the right time and precautions are not taken. Its bad effects are seen there, in such a situation the challenge before everyone is to take the right steps.

Dr. Ryan of WHO says that apart from the lockdown, now India will have to look for the case further. Anyone who has come in contact with the victim will have to be kept under observation, if all this happens then the corona can be prevented from growing. He once again said that India has got rid of the world from polio, in such a situation it can do wonders on Corona as well. WHO also says that India will have to make changes in its plan ahead and take precautions where there are more cases.

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There are precautions to be taken. In such a situation, the model of China and Singapore can be adopted, because there are many decisions taken in different areas. Let me tell you here that so far experts say that only through social distancing can you avoid this dangerous virus. Because, so far, no vaccine has been prepared nor much information has been found regarding this virus. Here, let us tell you that more than 600 people have been infected with Corona virus in India, while 15 people have died.


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