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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 72 Recap: Solving the Code

Naruto Next Generations Chapter 72 reaches an interesting climax where the code is something special. Code’s appearance changed the entire arc of this manga. In the previous chapters, we saw Code reveal his feelings for Eida, but things didn’t end well after Code was involved in a battle with a demon. This is a great battle where Code Demon will dominate. After he was wounded, he escaped the battle using his special technique, Claw Marks. Code believes that this is Kawaki’s fault and that he will kill anyone who stands in his way.

This is the first time that Code Fight has no restrictions. After the Code cuts off his ties with Ida, he gets what he wants and teleports to another location alone. It is clear that it would be better if Eda and Demon died. Code also shows his hatred for the Leaf Village, believing that Ida will soon be there. He realizes that he wants to destroy the village with Kawaki, Naruto and Shikamaru. He knew he didn’t care about the demon, but after that betrayal, he decided to end everything with one blow.

We take a look at the latest updates of Chapter 72 which was released a few days ago and the chapter is just around the corner. Boruto Chapter 72 took manga fans by surprise, although some of them predicted correctly, those who didn’t understand everything after reading the latest highlights of Naruto Next Generations Chapter 72 below. Code’s plans continue in the next chapter and it’s interesting because Code has a winning card that he uses to achieve his goals. Let’s check out the latest highlights of Boruto Chapter 72 below.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 72 Highlights

The chapter opens with Shikamaru and Naruto talking to Kawaki about karma. It became a big argument because the three had different opinions. In that meeting, Shikamaru was told about the call from Amado. He talks to Amado about the recent events. On the other hand, Eida and the demon Amado are in a cold climate near by. Shikamaru ended the call by telling Amado to go back to the Leaf Village immediately as he had questions to answer.

He drops the call and Ida hears everything with Daemon, but they are not happy. Ida and Amado talk about returning to Leaf Village. Eda gets angry because it is difficult for her to get close to Kawaki. Demon scares Amado about keeping promises. Back at the office, Shikamaru calls an emergency meeting as Boruto leaves and Hinata enters the office. Hinata shows her anger when Boruto worries about her. Boruto realizes that no matter what happens, he will come back.

As Boruto leaves the house, he is surprised when Momoshiki appears in front of him. Momoshiki talks about Boruto’s destiny, which is full of despair and he can’t control it no matter what he does. Boruto gets angry and thinks Momoshiki is a joke because he can decide his future.

Code Encounter with the Ten Tails in Naruto Next Generations Chapter 72

In Naruto Next Generations Chapter 72 Momoshiki disappears after Boruto vows to face his fate no matter what. Back at the Hokage’s office, Mitsiku and Sarada wonder why Boruto is taking his time and decide to follow him. Meanwhile, Code entered Ten-Tails’ dimension with Bud. He reveals what dimension they entered and why it was entered by someone using space-time ninjutsu. Bug and Code argue about what to do about Ida. He reminds Code that Amado, Eida, and Demon have abandoned him, and they must do something.



The code reveals that they adjust the ten-tails to a manageable size. The two get to where the Ten-Tails are and Code takes cover using Claw Marks. Cod is excited to learn that his plans are working and realizes that he has improved because what he does was impossible to do in the past. He decided to produce more claw marks to cover the Ten-Tails in one shot. Claw Marks of the Code explains how the Ten-Tails squeeze and claw marks are made. He vowed it was a hidden weapon and he was limited by how much time he had.

Code uses his powers to shape Ten-Tail into a human-sized body, and Bug is surprised when Code blocks using his claw marks. Ten-Tails begins to change shape and Bug wonders what’s going on when Code explains what he did. The Ten-Tails’ form has now changed and the code reveals that it can travel through Claw Marks. The chapter ends with the new human-sized Ten-Tails in front of Code and Bug.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Latest Updates

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will continue every month, and then the next chapter will be released on September 20, 2022. The latest chapters are available on Viz and Mangaplus, and a new chapter is released once a month, but spoilers come out before the release of the latest chapters. See you when chapter 73 is released.

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