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Blue Box Chapter 72 Explained

Blue Box Chapter 72 is an ongoing manga written and illustrated by Koji Miura. The manga launched in 2021 and is considered one of the best new multigenre manga. It features a romantic comedy between Taiki Inomata and Chinatsu Kano. The two are athletes at the same time, the former on the boys’ badminton team and the other on the girls’ basketball team.

This manga is good for readers who want to see a mix of romance and sports with competition and comedy at the same time. Taiki in Eimei Junior and Chinatsu in Senior High have a shared passion to lead their teams to the National Championship. Their love story seems difficult at first when we realize that Chinatsu is at the top of his game and is considered the “rising star of the basketball team.”

Taiki begins to challenge his ability and place on the team and is nowhere near the popularity that Chinatsu gains. But when Chinatsu moves in with Taiki’s family after his parents move abroad, he changes his mind about not being close to Chinatsu and gives him a chance to change their relationship.

Previously on Blue Box Chapter 71 (spoilers!)

Chapter 71 begins with a change of scenery, but the team’s situation at the joint training camp is still the same. Autumn training camp is a camp where students from three clubs namely Badminton, Basketball and Rhythmic Gymnastics come to celebrate the founding anniversary of the school. The badminton team is training hard and running around sprints.

When they’re completely exhausted after their workouts and given time to rest for leg exercises, the team looks past the basketball team’s jog and wonders how they’re still up after the mountain sprints they just did. They assume that since their gym is nearby they will probably have to run to it. Immediately, the rhythmic gymnast team passes two other teams on a bus. They say their gym is so far that they can’t even jog to it, which makes the badminton team lucky that their facility is connected to the building, while the basketball team still complains about it.

As their break ends, Taiki wants to compete with Haryu and practice with him since he is the best player on the team, but Haryu immediately declines the offer. The team complained about the “scene”, which was a laughable moment as the temperature turned a bit too cold for practice, but the court remained. The chapter turns out to be one of the best moments to read, perhaps as we see the group’s build-up to play a card version of the King’s Game.

As the night is still young for them the whole group settles down and one by one, they have to pick a card and do the exact things on it. We see how she can talk like a cat or make her hair look like Chinatsu, all while making her look cute and fun. But the most important moment is when Taiki takes his card and has to say who he likes (romantic, not parental love)!

Blue Box Chapter 72

When will blue box chapter 72 release?

Blue Box fans are very excited to read Blue Box Chapter 72. Ever since Taiki gets a chance to confess his feelings to Chinatsu and their relationship finally gets the boost it deserves, even if the card game does, we’ve all been waiting for this. Updates on the release of Chapter 72.

Chapter 72 of Blue Box will be released as per its regular weekly schedule. Blue Box Chapter 72 will be released on October 9, 2022. While we don’t have exact timings for the chapter’s release, we can assume that it will take time for the platforms to become available to fans around the world. We can all hope that Taiki’s fate will bear no twists and turns, and we will see a happy couple at the end of this chapter!

How to read Blue Box Chapter 72?

Chapters are available for reading Shueisha’s Manga Plus app Read the original Japanese and Viz Media For the English version.

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