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Where To Read Black Clover Chapter 347? Raw Scans

The full synopsis and raw scans for Black Clover Chapter 347 are out and boy does it come with a surprise or what. We were a bit right in our article on predicting the events that will take place in Black Clover Chapter 347. However, no one saw the real reason for the Yami clan massacre revealed in said chapter.

Yuki Tabatha surprises the fans again with the amazing content in the chapters and we are happy to bring the full synopsis for the fans who want to know what happened in the upcoming chapter before the chapter release. In the previous chapter, we saw how five of the seven members of the Ryuzen showed off their powers one by one.

The powers reflected very strongly and they easily defeated a massive five-headed dragon. This led fans to believe that the Ryuzen seven are at least one captain level strong and that might even be true, however, Black Clover Chapter 347 contents again saw some twists and the paladin power scale might be larger overall at another level.

However, the two strongest Ryuzen members still have to show off their powers, and Black Clover Chapter 348 could do it. But now let’s look at the events that took place in the upcoming chapter of Black Clover. Follow this article as we break down the events from Black Clover Chapter 347 and bring you a full chapter synopsis. With that in mind, here we bring you the latest updates on the new chapters of Black Clover.

Black Clover Chapter 347 Full Synopsis and Raw Scans

Black Clover Chapter 347, titled “Truth in Deception”, continues with the events from the last chapter, where we see the massive five-headed dragon going down thanks to the attacks of the members of the Ryuzen Seven. Ichika says they don’t have to rely on Asta because the seven Ryuzen are enough to stop the Paladins.

However, Sister Lily says she is impressed that they defeated the five-headed dragon, but wonders if they can avoid the impending attack. Black Clover Chapter 347 then sees the other member use his power of spatial ice magic forming an infinite glacier.

The attacks instantly damage all members of the Ryuzen Seven present. Ichika is surprised by the amount of magical paladins. Still not sunk, another Paladin appears and says he’s excited to smash the Ryuzen Seven with his power. Kezoukakku is also looking forward to fighting the Paladins and is ready to take on the new Paladin and his powers.

The third paladin uses the beastmagic boogeyman, which takes the form of the creature his opponents fear most and evoke their worst memories. For Kezoukakku, it takes the form of a frog and scares her. While for Ichika the boogeyman takes the form of her father.

Ichika’s past and Asta comes to the rescue

Ichika is surprised to see her father but says she will not fall for such pity tricks because although she has bad memories of her father always being abusive, she had never feared him. However, a flashback appears, reminding her of the true incident that occurred when the Yami clan massacre took place.

Her memories reveal that her father was obsessed with restoring Yami pride and sought war. In her memories, Ichika sees her father imposing his ideology on his children, but they refuse to do it. So Ichika’s father turns to her when Yami refuses to follow his father and gives her an “Oni Soul” pill that gives powers to members of the Yami clan.

We see that Ichika is the one who massacred her own clan and not her brother. In the present, the injured Ryuzen Seven get back on their feet, only to see Sister Lily summoned this five again, while Ichika is in a lost state, wondering what her life was about. When the boogeyman in her father’s face is about to punch Ichika, Asta comes to save her, in which Ichika sees her brother’s will.

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