Big break of ‘Corona’ surfaced | Scientists too shocked

Big break of ‘Corona’ surfaced, scientists too shocked

New Delhi: When the whole world is waiting for vaccines and medicines to fight the corona virus epidemic. At that time, a method of rescue is becoming the most popular. Doctors and scientists from all over the world have started to believe that there is nothing more effective than hot water and soap to deal with the corona virus infection. Scientists say that hot water and soap jugulation are most effective in killing the virus.

Dr. Mohsin Wali, former head of the Medicine Department of the Rammanohar Lohia Hospital, says that the corona virus is killed in temperatures above 30 degrees. This is the reason why now scientists and doctors from all over the world are using hot water and soap to protect themselves from infection with this virus.

This combination can also be used to remove the virus from your body. Dr. John Williams, head of the Department of Infant Infection at Pittsburgh Hospital in the United States, has told that soap in hot water creates more foam. Any kind of virus dissolves in hot water and gets out or destroyed. Most scientists these days are giving priority to washing hands with warm water instead of cold water.

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