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Pokemon Go: Best Pokemon to grab if you’re a Sagittarius

Pokemon Go: Best Pokemon to grab if you’re a Sagittarius: If the goal is to create the best and most personal Pokemon team, why not take a look at what your team is e.godiac is and it builds around it?

Here are the best Pokemon to grab if you’re a Sagittarius.

With over 900 different Pokemon to choose from, picking just six for your main party can be a real challenge. Especially if you want to make your Pokemon team a personal endeavor while still having balance and power.

Luckily, Sagittarius brings these two traits into the mix. You are upbeat, funny and have a strong moral nature behind you. However, when they have to, they are blunt and honest and always put work ahead of everything else. If you are a dedicated Sagittarius trainer in this awesome game series then this is the Pokemon party to have.

1st Best Pokemon to grab: Meow

1st Best Pokemon to grab: Meow

Meowth is never afraid to speak his mind and fight for you.

One of the most salient aspects of Meowth in anime is his tendency to always speak his mind. Life with Team Rocket has taught him not to care what he says, and often the team is better off.

A Pokemon team with Meowth will always work for the better, especially when it comes to battle strategy. Or if you want to fight with Meowth, then they are a powerful Pokemon that many underestimate, just like a shooter.

2nd Best Pokemon to grab: Aerodactyl

Aerodactyl - 2nd Best Pokemon to grab: Aerodactyl

Aerodactyl can take your Pokémon team’s combat to new heights.

This is a classic Pokemon that everyone knows and loves. You can safely rely on its power and will end up forming a strong bond with this Pokemon due to its inability to evolve. Such a bond and understanding seems especially important to a Sagittarius and makes for a perfect match between the two.

Ultimately, building a Pokémon party around your Chinese zodiac will perfectly pair you with the deadly but friendly Aerofactyl. The two personalities will end up combining so well that many will know exactly how to use this rocking/flying Pokemon before their turn in battle.

3rd Best Pokemon to grab: Rhydon

3rd Best Pokemon to grab: Rhydon

Rhydon is determined, tough and strong, just like a Sagittarius.

Whether you’re traveling through the beautiful regions of Johto or just want a Pokemon in your party that packs an impressive punch, Rhydon is the companion to catch. He is strong, determined and has a very thick coat when needed.

Sagittarians are similar in characteristics. They have thick skin but are particularly warm and friendly to those they trust. If you can get Rhydon to trust you and let you into that warm and friendly center, then you’ve got a great addition to your Pokémon party.

4th Best Pokemon to grab: Pikachu

5th Best Pokemon to grab: onyx

Bring out your fun side with Pikachu on your Pokemon team.

Nothing says optimistic and idealistic like Sagittarius and the beautiful Pikachu. Pikachu would be a fantastic addition to any Pokémon team, but would fit in perfectly if their trainer follows this Chinese zodiac.

Both are friendly, upbeat, and downright hilarious, which ends up being a match made in heaven. Powerful at high levels, Pikachu is a fantastic companion. But when they match a Sagittarius so perfectly, it just seems like the perfect pairing.

5th Best Pokemon to grab: onyx

5th Best Pokemon to grab: onyx

Embrace the intimidation factor with Onix.

Sagittarius personality traits are considered tough, upbeat, and not afraid to speak their mind when they feel it is necessary. Speaking your mind and looking tough gets a little easier with an Onix by your side.

This Pokémon is thick-skinned and relatively intimidating-looking, but has a heart of gold. They’re surprisingly endearing for a creature made of rock, and unsurprisingly perfect for a Sagittarius.

6th Best Pokemon to grab: Aipom

6th Best Pokemon to grab: Aipom

Fight with optimism and fun with Aipom on your team.

Pokemon is all about finding adorable creatures and making them your long-time companion. Few Pokémon are truly more adorable than the beautiful Aipom, and fewer still are as perfect for a Sagittarius.

It’s okay to have a Pokémon team full of power and intimidation, but sometimes you need a Pokémon that brings out its fun side. Aipom will enhance a Sagittarian’s optimism and hilarious streak, and will be the perfect finishing touch to any Pokémon party.

There we have it. If your Chinese zodiac sign is Sagittarius, then this Pokémon party is the ideal match. Now all you have to do is find them.

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