Best Online Landing Page Builder 2023

Remembered those days when building your landing page is just the next to an impossible task for people who don’t know a single line of coding languages. 

Comes back, when technology is involved around us, makes it easy to build landing pages with the help of an online landing page builder. 

It has all the needed features used while crafting a landing page for any purpose you want. 

You don’t need to write hundreds or thousands of codes to ready a landing page. You just need an Online Landing Page Builder for this. 

With these, you select any template from different categories. After choosing perfect suitable templates for the landing page, you need some customization work to make it better for your landing page niche. 

Most people especially beginners confused after seeing countless landing page names around the internet and thinking about which ones are the best landing page builders for me? 

Is that Wix, Unbounce, or Instapage? Which Online Landing Page Builder did I choose? 

Those questions revolve around your mind consistently.

That’s why I write this helpful piece of information that gives you clear pictures of choosing the best landing page builder without having a confusing mind. 

Ready? Let’s start…

What is a Landing page builder? 

Before we go into definitions, let’s understand what Online Landing Page Builder is actually? 

A landing page is a place where your audience after clicking your paid campaign or through organic methods. On the landing page, you explain a product or service you sell. 

What Makes a Landing Page Builder Perfect? 

A perfect Online Landing Page Builder is easy to use and a wide range of different category templates which also have useful customization options help to make the landing page more attractive and converting. Must have other helpful options such as A/B testing, software integrations, in-build tools, and so on. 

And having good customer care support service that solves your all queries when you craft a landing page. 

These are the features that make a perfect online landing page builder. 

Why You Need an Online Landing Page Builder? 

When you do online marketing and promotion services or products online on online platforms, you don’t have much time to build a landing page from scratch.

And if you thinking about hiring a web developer or coder to do this work for you, then their services aren’t cheap. In this case, you need a way where you easily create this within minutes not hours where an Online landing page builder comes into play. 

With the help of this, you just need the perfect temples and content you write on your landing page. 

After that, your landing page is ready to go online. You see, how are simpler and faster to build landing page through landing page builder tools.

Best Online Landing Page Builder


One of the most famous free landing builders used by many marketers nowadays to build a landing page for their online business. 

Wix offers you over 30+ free professionally designed landing page templates that make the website more professional-looking. You get a lot of useful features to change background colors, optimize font size, layout, and overall page template design.

It has in-build tools for email marketing and social media marketing that make this landing perfect. You can easily add a video on your landing page to make it more converting and attractive. 

Additionally, Wix integrates with well-known marketing tools such as MailChimp and Hubspot. 

In free plans, you get analytics and integration features that are enough if you just started. You will see the Wix subdomain in your landing page URL and if you want to remove then you need to go with paid plans. 


It’s a versatile landing page builder used by lots of bloggers, affiliate marketers, e-commerce store owners, and so on. With that, you create a good-looking landing page for free.

You can customize landing pages as you want without the help of a designer. Whether you need e-commerce store templates or portfolio temples a wide range of templates is available on Squarespace.  

If you get stuck or have any problem during creating your landing page then you get help from customer care support anytime, any day. 

The most useful feature I liked most is that the analytics report show all important metrics such as traffic overview, where visitors are from, and many more. 


  • When it comes to the security department, you get an SSL certificate that protects the website from unwanted malicious viruses
  • It has lots of integration options including youtube, Instagram, and Dropbox. 
  • Wide range of profession looking templates and is easy to customize if you don’t have any designing skills. 


  • There are lots of options for customizing page layouts but these are very limited. You can edit menu options. 
  • However, you connect with their customer support care via live chats and email only not by phone call. 
  • They don’t have autosave features means you lost all of your efforts when your computer suddenly shut down. 


It’s a simple and effective landing page builder that helps to create a well-designed landing page more easily. If you don’t know how to design a landing page then the site123 platform is just for you. 

The customized option features are easy to use. You can edit your page as you want. Choose any of the templates from 150+ pre-made templates collections and edit according to your need and within a few minutes, you are ready to go online. 

Building your online store is easier with their e-commerce templates which provide you with lots of features including payment accepted, online booking, pricing plan, and many more. 


  • There are so many useful SEO integration available such as Google Analytics, Facebook Chat, and so on. 
  • It has a total of 21 languages available on its platform. 
  • They offer you the most powerful built-in tools by Shopify and Bigcommerce to manage your e-commerce stores. 


  • You need to purchase paid plans if you want to unlock full customize options features.
  • All 150 pre-made templates are a very simple design. You can only make it better if you have a subscription plan.


If you searching for an effective and well professional designed landing page builder then the Leadpages platform is just for you. Their attractive templates are 

One of the coolest features, I liked most is the lead magnet feature where you attached any PDF files or documents to attract the target audience and capture their email address. 

There are lots of creative and useful customize options such as changing fonts, embedding the form, add content to the menu, With that, It has features for A/B testing to ensure which landing pages work better for you.

After that, you can set up a payment method and order forms quickly on your e-commerce store if you have a paid plan. 

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