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Best music apps of iOS 2021 for music lovers

Are you a music lover? Nothing can give the pleasure of finding and listening to any song on only one app. Do you want to listen to and download music for free on your iOS? But are you confused about which is the best app for this purpose? You have reached the right destination. There are numerous music apps, but the best ones are only a few. I have compiled a list of the best music apps for music lovers this 2021. Sit back, read through, download the apps you like, and enjoy the music.

List of music apps for iOS 2021


Spotify occupies the top position in giving its users a fantastic experience with its music. The app has a clean interface, and it displays lyrics with the song. The app customizes the playlist according to your interest and mood. And the cherry on the cake is, you can listen to unlimited music without any fees. That is, you can hear the music for free. 


Russo is another fantastic music app for iPhone users. If you are looking for something with an amazing interface, Russo is what you have been searching for. Similar to Spotify, Russo also customizes music playlists according to your taste and mood. You no longer have to search each song and play it manually every time. Russo tunes to your mood. What else do you need when you have an app to dance on your fingers? 

Youtube Music

I don’t have to introduce you to YouTube. As you all already know, YouTube is a world-famous video streaming platform. In addition to videos, YouTube has introduced music services. For a seamless musical experience, log in to YouTube music and explore the range of music YouTube offers for you. And the amazing part is it is free. You can try premium features to avoid ads and enhance your music experience. 

Amazon music

There is something you shouldn’t miss if you are an Amazon prime member. Amazon prime offers access to millions of things, and music is just one amongst them. To tune into the seamless music experience and get lost in it, log in to Amazon music. You can listen to millions of songs you like without ads. You can also save them offline and listen to them whenever and wherever you want. Amazon music customizes your music experience based on your interest and location. Isn’t it wonderful? Another automatic mood tuner!

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Apple Music

I don’t have to boast about the Apple music app now. Apple users might be already aware of Apple music app. With a monthly subscription of $9.99, you can experience the world of music right from your device. In addition to music, you will get access to numerous other things, including Beats, 24*7 radio stations, and many more. You will have so many benefits for a minimal monthly subscription to Apple music. 

Well, that brings us to the end of an impressive list of best music apps for iOS 2021 for music lovers. Try the best one of your choice and get lost in the colors of music. While some are absolutely free, some offer additional benefits only for premium versions. The choice is all yours though. You will get a good music experience no matter if you opt for a free version or a premium version. I hope the article has helped you in one way or the other. If it did, give us a like and subscribe to our newsletter to not miss an update from us. 

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