Best keyword research tools for SEO

In this post, I will show you top free keyword research tools for SEO that you can start using today without creating an account in most of them, and you will have similar resource that you have on the Google Keyword Planner 100% free.

So let me show here we have a list of my favorite keyword research tools that are free. Let’s take a look on the first one just to have an idea and I invite you to access these Tools and visit each one of these to see

Which one do you like better for keyword research tools for SEO?

Which one do you think fits better for your business which one is bringing you better results. So we’ll explore the word tracker, which is the first option here.

I open this link just clicking on the document this specific link we have here and I searched for chocolate cake as you can see, when I search you can choose also Where do you want to search this is different than the Google Keyword Planner because here you have the option to search on Google, Amazon, YouTube and ebay so if you are for example ranking for you to maybe you can just go to YouTube and search for the specific keyword see how many videos are there

How many if there is competition, how many people are looking for these are searching for this specific keyword and all this great data. So let’s go to Google which is the main source of the biggest search engine that I recommend you to use for the keyword research.

So I searched for chocolate cake you see here all the results we have 50 keywords on this free plan and you see that the first one is chocolate cake is the one that we just search for.

And you see that the average amount the monthly amount is around 63 63,000 searches every month 63,000 People go to Google and they search for chocolate cake exactly that exact keyword okay and we have the keyword suggestions are same the same that we did with the Google keyword planner you see here chocolate cake recipe German chocolate cake flowerless chocolate cake, vegan chocolate cake so this is even in the same order that we saw in the Google keyword planner tool.

Okay, so this is another great tool is 100% free you don’t need to create an account, I invite you again to come to this free tool and explore all these options.

And I hope this is useful for you and I hope you use invest time right now. To find the best keyword for your business or website.

Just get a pen and paper and write down 10 keywords ideas, make at least 10 ideas 10 keywords that are related to your topic, to your business. And then you can use Them in your website to rank your website higher for SEO. See you in the next post.

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