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Best hiding apps for photos, videos, and apps in 2021

Even though you lock your phone, the chances of your phone slipping into the hands of miscreants can’t be ruled out altogether. You might want to take extra care of your important digital documents and files. A good hiding app will take care of your privacy and protect your information like photos, videos, and even documents. You longer have to scratch your head and panic every time someone borrows your phone about the privacy of your confidential information. If you are confused with the overwhelming amount of hiding apps, this article throws relevant light on the best hiding apps in 2021:

List of best hiding apps in 2021

I have compiled a list of best hiding apps in 2021 to protect your privacy and secure your confidential information:

Keep safe photo vault

Keep safe photo vault lets you hide literally anything. You can hide your photos, videos, ID cards, documents, and many more. Keep a safe photo vault not only hides your data; rather does it in a very organized fashion. If you are looking for an organized hiding app, Keep a safe photo vault is your solution. You can lock the app in various methods including fingerprint, password, and pattern lock authentication. The app’s functionality and the interface are pretty easy too unlike other famous hiding apps.

Lock my pix: hide photos and videos

Lockmypix hiding app is the best hiding app you will ever find if you are searching for something that fulfills your diverse requirements. You can hide your information in two different formats in this app. You can also create separate galleries. While one gallery can be accessed easily, the other will be highly restricted to save your confidential information with a strong security system. You can save photos, videos, albums, pdfs, documents, and also gifs. These apps help you secure the information with fingerprint authentication, password, PIN, pattern, and a face recognition model too.

You can create albums and also sub-albums that can completely support SD-card. You can also create thumbnails for these albums to categorize and access them easily. This app is compatible with phones and desktops as well. Hence, you can use this app on your PC too.

Calculator photo vault:

Calculator photo vault is a wonderful hiding app that is camouflaged to look like a calculator. There is no way anyone can find that you are hiding something from them with a hiding app looking like a calculator. You can hide both photos and videos behind this calculator. Calculator photo vault strongly protects your information with PIN, pattern password, face recognition, and fingerprint authentication. It looks like a calculator. The additional benefit of this app is it creates a backup of your information. Hence, it makes the recovery process easier and it is inevitable to lose your information.

The idea is to ensure your privacy and protect your confidential information. These apps are answers to all your prayers. You no longer have to worry about your privacy anymore. You can now easily protect your information without any hassle. I hope you like the article. For more insightful and informative articles, subscribe to the blog and follow regularly.

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