Best Genshin Impact Nahida Weapons Tier List | Genshin Impact version 3.6

Best Genshin Impact Nahida Weapons Tier List | Genshin Impact version 3.6. Genshin Impact version 3.6 just dropped and we got to see one of the most anticipated re-runs, Nahita. Our beautiful Dendro Argon is back, Nahita is a 5-star Dendro Catalyst who is great Dendro Support and a must have for almost all Dendro team comps, also known as Nahita Dendro Argon or Lesser-Lord Kusunali/God. An incarnation of wisdom/puer/great lord Rukkadevata, Nahita is also a very important character in Genshin Impact’s story, she is a must have! Let’s Check Out Genshin Impact Nahida Weapons Tier List.

With the number of weapons to follow, team comps and artifacts, crafting and playing Genshin Impact Nahida Weapons Tier List can be confusing for players. But don’t worry because we’re here! We’ve reviewed all of the weapon and team sets for Nahita and created a handy, comprehensive guide for our fellow Genshin Impact enthusiasts.

Without further ado, let’s dive into everything you’re looking for.

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Genshin Impact Nahida Weapons Tier List

Genshin has a lot of weapons and since Nahita isn’t your typical average DPS character so you can pile everything on, choosing weapons and artifacts can be a bit confusing, but the general rule is Nahita prefers EM or Elemental Mastery. .

S-Class Weapons.

Genshin Impact Nahida Weapons Tier List. Weapons tailored to the character in terms of look, style, and everything. There is currently only one that fits the bill, namely,

A thousand floating dreams

Stats at lvl90
Basic Attack – 542
Sub Level – Bonus EM – 542

Genshin's offensive weapon is a thousand floating dreams
Jensen’s Influence A Thousand Floating Dreams | Credit: [email protected]

A Thousand Floating Dreams is Nahida’s signature weapon and raw exclusive 5-star weapon. A weapon can be obtained by pulling the weapon banner together with Nahita.

A Thousand Floating Dreams 542 Basic Attack 265 Elemental Mastery Sub at level 90 and everyone in your party has a passive ability to trigger Elemental Mastery.

Also, this weapon can also be used on Sucrose and EM scaling characters like Ye Mikko and Lisa if you accidentally end up with your “Damn, my luck is so unlucky” face and no Nahita. A bit wasted as one would expect.

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A-class weapons

Worried you don’t have an exclusive 5-star weapon? Nahida is fine without any 5-star weapons, and even with a 4-star weapon group, you can clear the Abyss with wind and all the hard “contents”.


Stats at level 90
Base Atk- 510
Sub Level – Bonus Crit Dmg – 55.1%

Jensen's influence is broad
Genshin Impact Widsith | Credit: efertone @Hoyolab_efertone

Witchit is a great weapon for Nahita, as all the buffs gained from its funky raw passive are useful for Nahita. Wins can be won by rolling on any banner.

Make sure you have at least 60% crit rate on Nahita before equipping this weapon.

Sacrificial pieces

Stats at lvl90
Basic Atk- 454
Sub- Bonus EM- 220.51

Genshin's influence is sacrificial fragments
Genshin Impact Sacrificial Fragments | Credits: [email protected] Posted by [email protected] Alpha

Sacrificial pieces are a good choice due to its excellent EM sub level. Since Nahida doesn’t benefit much from elemental skill timer resets, the passive of the sacrifice pieces is somewhat wasted on Nahida. However, this is a great option if you don’t have Widsith or Mappa Mare.

Sea map

Stats at level 90
Base Atk- 564.78
Under State- Bonus EM- 110.26

Genshin's impact is immense
Genshin’s influence is papa mare | Credit: Hoyovers

Mappa Mare is also a great choice due to its EM substat, and the passive is also useful on Nahita.

The magical guide

Stats at lvl90
Base Atk- 354.38
Sub- Bonus EM – 187.44

Genshin's Manual of Impact Magic
Genshin Impact Magic Guide | Credit: Hoyovers

What is this, you wonder? Yes, don’t judge a book by its cover; If you only have one copy, our underdogs can rival the best 4-star weapons.

If Nahida is used specifically as a dendro support, Magic Manual is better on Nahida, and we can ignore the low base Atk of a 3-star weapon since atk% doesn’t really matter in reactions.

Influence of Jensen on Heizhou
Influence of gens | Credit: Hoyovers

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Best Genshin Impact Nahida B tier weapons

All catalysts except those mentioned above can be placed in this category or below. Seriously don’t go that far, choose at least a 3-star weapon; A manual of magic is better for Nahita than these weapons.

Other 5 star weapons and battle pass weapons? They are wasted on your average EM Nahida build; Better to use them on dps catalyst users!

The battle pass weapon Solar Pearl has a grid rate sub-level. However, passive only buffs Nahita’s elemental ability damage, other parts of the buff like elemental burst buff are wasted on Nahita since Nahita’s elemental burst is based on buffing herself.

Genshin Impact Hutao
Genshin Impact Hu Tao | Credit: Hoyovers

Ritual to invoke Nahita

God, I don’t know what I’m doing; Ritual to invoke Nahita? Why or what am I typing? I do not know; What if I lose the 50/50? Let’s not lose! So here’s our ritual and disclaimer: Need we explain?

With your invitation circle ready, get ready to pull Nahita as she sings the teaser theme song, and when that beat “lalalala” drops, pull Nahita!

May the demons you summon bless you, and good luck, fellow gamer! Also, if our recommended invitation ritual fails, blame it on me in the comments. I don’t know what I’m signing up for, but good luck with your raw grass! Let us know if you win! thank you

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