Best Free Video Editing Apps Without Watermark 2022

No other device is more integrated into people’s lives than the smartphone. Users are investing more time on their phones than ever before. Almost everything is possible with one app or the other. The arrival of smartphones has led to the emergence of a superfluity of mobile apps—financial apps, gaming apps, learning apps, and video editing apps; the list is huge.

The biggest selling points of these phones these days are their cameras and features. Every day we see new phones flooded with better cameras than their predecessors. As mobile cameras compete with professional DSLRs, photographers and videographers have plenty of options on their plates. Photo and video editing apps have grabbed a space in a niche in the mobile app market. There are now tons of editing tools that make it easier to capture and edit high-quality videos.

What to look for when choosing a free Video Editing Apps Without Watermark?

Here are some points to look for:

First, does it work on your device?

Does it read and write the video, image and audio formats you need to use? It should underpin the most common formats such as MP4, MP3, and WAV.

Is this an app for your skill level? If you get a professional-grade video app that you’ve never edited before, you’re probably in for a lot of trouble. If you’re just starting out, look for apps that fit your skill level so you don’t waste time on apps that aren’t ready yet.

Does it contain the effects you want to use in the video? For example, you need a chroma key tool to create a video with a green screen.


Best Free Video Editing Apps Without Watermark 2022

Perfect for beginners and advanced creators alike, it has a simple, fast and intuitive interface. You can put on transitions, effects, filters, and more to change basic videos into cool stuff. If you’re seeking speed, dexterity, and a premium look for your video, then Filmr is for you.

Ratings: Filmr has an overall rating of 4.4/5 based on 8,126 users, with 1 million more downloads on the Playstore.

Price: It has a free version that allows you to create videos with InVideo watermarks. Paid plans can cost you around $15 per month

The most important features:

  • There is no limit to the number of images/videos that can be imported
  • Easy and distinctive transitions between videos
  • Ample fonts to make your text stand out
  • Easily change video formats: horizontal (16:9 and 4:5), vertical (4:3), layered (9:16) and square (1:1)
  • Over 20 million royalty-free music library
  • Exclusive filters and effects for converting videos

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush free youtube video editing app without watermark 2022

Available for iOS and desktop

Cost: $9.99 per month for individuals. This is the Starter plan, which allows users to create unlimited projects and export all three on desktop and iOS.

Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing program for making and sharing videos online. Rush is easy to learn and gives you a lot of control over your creations with its Motion Graphics templates, audio capabilities, and the potential to strengthen Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock libraries. You can capture clip sequences, trim, edit, colour correct, record voiceovers, and add colour filters and text overlays.

With its manageable interface, Premiere Rush delivers the necessary tools to create professional-looking videos in no time. It offers one-touch mixing, automatically adjusts the volume of background music during voiceovers, and syncs projects across devices.

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One of the best video editing apps has a well-designed and clean interface. The side panel is invisible when not in use, the source panel is on the left, and the effects and adjustment tools are on the right.

Premiere Rush is succinct and simplifies the video editing, motion graphics, and audio mixing calibre of Adobe professional software. You won’t be making feature films with Rush, but you can quickly create a respectable travelogue, review, or how-to video in minutes and adapt it to any social media output format. Export options are optimized for every social platform, including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo. You can also share edited high-quality videos on your portfolio website. Edited high-quality videos on your portfolio website are also sharable. Adding video to your portfolio is one of the productive ways to showcase your work. Make your video website with Pixpa. Sign up for a 15-day free trial.

Adobe Premiere Rush also possesses some weaknesses. You can’t roughly edit a clip before dragging it into the timeline – oddly enough, this is available in more basic video editors like iMovie. There’s also no copy and paste option, which can be annoying. Adobe offers many attractive animation templates, but oddly there are only 3 transition effects. There is also no ripple trimming tool.


filmora go free youtube video editing app without watermark 2022

A very powerful video editing app, Filmora go is also one of the best free video editing apps for android phones, it doesn’t stamp any watermarks or set time limits on your clips. It assists you to create decent videos with a wide range of effects and presets. You can comfortably share your videos with friends on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp directly from the platform.

Rating: FilmoraGo has an overall rating of 4.6/5 based on 626,723 users.

Price: Filters and effects can be purchased through in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $34.99 per item.

The most important features:

  • Import from social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook
  • Spacious library of licensed songs
  • Your videos can be lip sync
  • Make videos of different sizes – square, cinema
  • Flip, trim or rotate videos, add text overlays, and play fast
  • Ample choices for fast or slow motion in the same video
  • Edit title movement and timeline, multiple titles can be added
  • Supports German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish and other international languages.


Best Free Video Editing Apps Without Watermark 2022

Applicable to: iOS, macOS

Cost- No fee

iMovie is an easy-to-use video editing program developed by Apple.iMovie gives you multiple choices to choose from 14 great movie trailer templates, choose from 8 unique themes, and make Hollywood-style trailers with photos and videos. This video editing application supports 4K video resolution, and the final product can be played from Apple devices and projected onto the screen. It simply changes videos between your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using Airdrop or iCloud Drive. You can also share your videos on any video-sharing platform or social media.

Edit videos on iPhone with iMovie:

Some of its standout features are; Ability to Fix Shaky Video, Turn Off Edit Clips, Add Text to Video, Edit Video Clip Audio, Easy-to-Use Interface, Adjustments, Built-in Effects, Video and Voiceover Enhancement, Live Titles, Stabilization, Auto Video Edit, crop and rotate video clips and share easily. This app will help you convert your videos with the new green screen effect that allows you to abruptly take out the background from clips recorded before the green screen or blue screen. 80 new soundtracks that automatically adjust to the length of your movie. With Classroom Kit support, students can submit video assignments to teachers using the Schoolwork app.

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One of the biggest drawbacks of this video editing app for iPhone is that you can’t use your music, so you can’t download any song or songs you want unless you have another app and share music with iMovie, but usually is cumbersome to do and usually fails


Best Free Video Editing Apps Without Watermark 2022

Quik is among the best free video editing apps for Android from GoPro. The Quik app lets you create stunning videos with just a few clicks.

Automatically add transitions and effects, and apply synced themes to create stunning shareable edits. It does most things automatically; however, Quik also allows you to adjust fine details.

Rating: Quik has an overall rating of 4.4/5.

Price: Free video editing app for Android phones.

The most important features:

  • You can attach up to 75 photos and video clips from your gallery, cloud storage or GoPro Plus
  • Compatible with animated photos
  • Unlimited backups with 100% quality
  • GPS sticker showing GoPro video speed
  • AI-powered face, motion and voice detection for perfect framing. Open for manual correction
  • Over 23 themes for all occasions
  • Record, crop or rotate video, add text overlays, change video speed
  • Videos of different sizes – square, portrait or movie
  • Over 100 free songs as wallpapers or add your own
  • 1080p HD export
  • QuikStories – Use the GoPro app and edit great videos from media shots in the last 72 hours.
  • PRO version automatically saves your GoPro footage

Movavi Clips

Best Free Video Editing Apps Without Watermark 2022

Availability: iOS, Android

Cost: Free with watermark; in-app purchases: 1-month pass ($3.49), 1-year pass ($12.99), lifetime subscription ($25.99).

Movavi Clip is a delicate app that makes video editing very convenient on your phone.  This app has all the features you need to create videos for any purpose, professional or personal. This is a great choice for Instagram videos, as there are aspect ratio templates for square videos (1:1) and stories (9:16), as well as 4:5 images and 16:9.

How to make a video with photos and music with Movavi:

You can use any video or image file from the gallery; for music, you can upload your own or use royalty-free songs from the app’s library.

The feature list is pretty impressive, almost on par with desktop programs. Starting with the basics, you can rotate and crop files, add transitions, and set the duration of each slide. More advanced features include panning effects for added vibrancy and adding themed text, filters and stickers (the collection is updated regularly). The app also allows you to add your own logo to the generated videos. We’ve talked about adding music, but there’s more: You can enter a voiceover for a specific song, and then adjust the volume of the recording.

The only downside is the Movavi watermark in the corners of the output video. Though, you can rid of it by purchasing one of the premium plans.


Best Free Video Editing Apps Without Watermark 2022

Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free with a watermark. $5.99/month, $9.99/quarter, $34.99/year

PowerDirector is a comprehensive editor that allows you to create high-quality videos quickly and easily. It’s one of the most popular mobile apps today, with over 130 million downloads, and high user reviews, and is recognized as Google Play’s Editors’ Choice. Like the other apps on this list, this is the best YouTube editing app with all the basic video editing tools like cropping, inserting titles and transitions that you can use right after launching the app. What sets PowerDirector apart, though, is its advanced editing tools and special effects that enable you to make truly unique videos. When you shoot with your phone or action camera, you can use its stabilizer to fix shaky footage and make your videos easier to watch. Use their speed adjustment tool to create slow-motion or fast-forward videos.

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Do you want to get super creative? Try using video overlays and blending modes to create double exposure effects, or use a green screen editor with a chroma key to transfer your subject to a completely different scene. On their paid plans, they also give you access to a library of professional royalty-free content with thousands of images, videos and audio tracks to help you complete each project before uploading directly to YouTube and Facebook. This app has everything you need to make your videos look professional.

The only downside is that your videos are watermarked in the free version, and the premium stock content library is only available to paid users.


wevideo Best Free Video Editing Apps Without Watermark 2022

Available for: Android and iOS

Cost: Free with in-app purchases (upgrade plans start at $4.99/month)

WeVideo is a simple and cost-effective movie editing software that leads the way in cloud-based video editors. This video editing app provides professionals with cloud storage and screencasting capabilities.

The free version has almost all the features you usually need. You can trim clips, add filters, choose music from the built-in library, adjust the speed, share clips to social media profiles, and more. This video editing app supports 4K HD resolution and supports text overlay and video recording. The best features of the app are its simple interface and multi-device cloud storage, which allows you to start your project on one device and pick up where you left off on another.

The downside is that the free version is more of a free trial than a truly free version. Cloud storage is limited to 10 GB, so if you plan to shoot multiple videos, you’ll need to upgrade.


Choosing the best app to edit videos isn’t difficult if you know all the parameters to evaluate before buying. Most of these apps come with free versions, so you can try them out before investing. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, your choice will depend on the feature set you’re likely to need. We hope this article helped you find the perfect app for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the best free video editing app without a watermark?

A- Picsart is undoubtedly one of the most popular and best watermark-free video editing apps for Android that we currently have. It has an easy-going interface that is friendly to beginners.. It is not only used to edit videos but also images.

Q.2 Is there a free watermark-free video editor?

A- 1. VSDC Free Video Editor – Free Video Editor for Beginners [No Watermark] VSDC has long been at the top of the list of the best free video editors online.

Q.3 Is OpenShot watermark-free?

A- Openshot is an open-source video editing tool that does not download watermarks. That’s why it doesn’t tag its name on your project videos, even though it’s a 100% free tool.

Q.4 Does KineMaster have a watermark?

A- Following are the simple steps to remove the kinemaster watermark. Tap the plus icon to add videos from kinemaster to the app. In the interface, click the video icon and select “Remove Watermark”.

Q.5 Does Filmora Free have a watermark?

A- There is only one difference between the free trial version of A- Filmora and the paid version: videos exported from the free version have a Filmora watermark. If you use the free version and now want to export the video without the watermark.

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