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Best Blogger theme detector Online to Detect Wp/Blogger Theme 2022

A Website Theme Detector or Blogger Theme Detector is a tool used to find blogger template name which a particular blog or website is using. These tools i am mentioning below are not just limited to getting info about wordpress or blogger theme checkers. They can also get you information about the plugins that particular website is using.

Detecting the platform which a website Using

On these platforms, anyone who has a basic understanding of computers may build a website.

When you use Blogger or WordPress to build your website, you are not required to learn how to code, how to use programmes, or any other computer languages.

They allow you complete control over the style, design, widgets, and many other aspects of your website using an easy-to-customize tool and a straightforward Drag-Drop approach.

However, you will need a good theme while designing your website to make it more appealing and stunning.

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Blogger vs. WordPress Theme Difference

Blogger vs. WordPress The difference for theme detector

A blog theme is a pre-tailored collection of codes that, when added to a blog or website, gives it a lovely and fashionable appearance.

You may improve the appearance and functionality of your website with the built-in attractive menu, widgets, navigation bars, and many other choices.

The majority of bloggers and website owners utilise themes or templates to enhance their websites and personalise them to their needs.

Because it is simple to use, anybody with a working knowledge of text and picture editing may create a website with little to no help.

Note: Blogger themes are referred to as templates, whereas WordPress themes are referred to as WordPress themes.

Although they have different names depending on the platform, Template and Theme are essentially the same.

The WordPress theme and the Blogspot or Blogger template each have their own files and scripts. In other words, you can’t use a theme created for WordPress on Blogger, and a template created specifically for Blogger can only be used on Blogger or BlogSpot.

Best Blogger theme detector Online

CMS Detector

One of the best online tools for determining the platform and CMS (Content Management System) of a website is CMS Detector. Simple internet tools for identifying a website’s CMS platform and theme name. No matter if the website was created with Blogger or WordPress. This tool may also identify a WordPress website’s theme or a blogger website’s design.


WhatCMS is a helpful and user-friendly online CMS detection tool. WHatCMS may be used as a Blogger theme detector and CMS system Detector. You may find out the name of the WordPress website’s theme as well as the type of CMS, which might be either WordPress or Blogger. The type of tool you should use can be chosen from a separate drop-down menu on this tool. The ability to identify a website’s server location, CMS platform, and Wordpress theme name is available.


BuiltWith-“Find out what websites are built With“. As the tag line suggests itself that the tool is used to know the CMS platform and other information about a website. This tool can tell you a lot of information about a website.

Additionally You can Use WordPress Theme Detector and Plugin Detector

WordPress Plugins and Themes may be found using WordPress Theme Detector on the website you are currently visiting. The installed WordPress themes and WordPress plugins on the website you are currently visiting may be found using Free WordPress Theme Detector. Because it doesn’t rely on the speed of your browser, this addon is really quick.

This Extension Use server-side API for WordPress Theme Detection. The extension symbol changes to blue while you are browsing a WordPress website; if WordPress is not present on the current website, the extension icon remains grey.

How To Install WordPress Theme Detector Extension

  • Go To chrome web store
  • Search For “WordPress Theme Detector and Plugin Detector”
  • Click Add This Extension

You Have Successfully Added This Extension And Is Ready to Go

Thanks For Reading If You Know Any Other Useful Wordpress/Blogger Theme Detector that is not included in this post let me know in the Comment Section.

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