Asus Zenbeam: The Coffee Projector

By | 16 Jan 2021

ASUS announced a new portable projector and speaker called ZenBeam Latte, named after a coffee cup-like shape (and hope it will keep you awake).
Zenbeam Latte (here in after referred to as “Latte”) announced at CES 2021 that its goal is to solve the problem of large, unmodified home projectors by providing powerful performance in a small fabric-covered package.

It certainly won’t appeal to more powerful devices – with a projection range of 40 to 120 inches and a moderate LED brightness of 300 lumens – but Asus says that coffee latte is a “home” alternative to it. If you want to shoot a “Harry Potter” movie in a slideshow or on the move, you should move from room to room.

Enjoy Quality Time with Asus Zenbeam Latte

The size of the latte seems to be a curse to its blessings. Although its size and sound transmission capacity are twice that of the 10-watt Bluetooth speaker (size and sound transmission) powered by Harmon Kardon, the battery life of the movie is up to 3 hours

Having said that, the small size means that ASUS latte has other uses, and you won’t get these uses from a more luxurious mobile projector.

The packaged Aptoide TV store allows you to access streaming applications such as YouTube and Kodi, and can mirror your phone screen to quickly and easily play social videos wirelessly, which means it can be used in an office or hotel room. Courage.

The projector has three different viewing modes – games, movies and music – and it is recommended that some Temple Run, Candy Crush or Fortnite be well projected onto the wall in the living room.

Asus is unlikely to redefine the layout of Zenbeam Latter portable projectors and speakers, but for those who wish to project content in a small size, it undoubtedly provides a peculiar choice.

There is no news on the price, but the company plans to launch the device in North America between April 2021 and June 2021.

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