Apex players debate whether Wraith or Horizon is the “sweatiest” Legend

Apex Legends is notorious for being filled with “sweaty” players attempting to take on entire enemy squads alone, and while Wraith used to be the leader of the pack, some players believe there’s a new face to the movement.

Since the launch of Ranked in Season 2, Apex Legends has once again focused on competitive play, and some Legends stand out in this regard.

In the eyes of the community, Wraith has always been the quintessential Tryhard legend. The one that would strike fear in the hearts of casual offenders as she quietly walks in and out of the void, cleaning up entire lobbies on her own.

However, one player has noticed a definite trend in their Season 14 games and believes a new contender has taken the top spot for the “sweatiest” character in the Apex games.

Apex Legends players are calling Horizon the new “sweat legend” about Wraith

It’s no secret that Horizon’s pick rate has skyrocketed over the past two seasons, and now that their tactical abilities have been adjusted again, that trend doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

That prompted one fan to do a Reddit post ask who the community thinks best represents hardcore gamers.

The community seems to be in complete agreement about this shift. Several commenters looked at the selection rates of high ELO lobbies to prove their point. One fan even provided the average rank of each Legend as further evidence.

“It’s Horizon at plat 3, Seer at plat 4, then Pathfinder, Wraith and Maggie at Gold 1,” they noted.

While some of the casual fans still see Wraith as some sort of final boss of Apex Legends due to its 1v3 potential, there has definitely been a shift in expectations over the past two or three seasons, and Horizon has clearly made its mark throughout player base.

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