Apex Legends Season 14 players spot strange changes in Season 14 trailer

The Apex Legends season 14 trailer is out, and some observant fans have noticed that Respawn made a unique (and perhaps accidental) change to the triple take in the promo.

Each new season of Apex Legends brings a wealth of new content to the game. From a new Legend to new multi-weapon skins, there’s always a lot to discover with each new chapter in the Apex Games story.

This time around, both Caustic and Triple Take have received some fun new graphics, but some fans believe they’ve spotted a flaw in the long-range gun’s construction.

The Apex Legends season 14 trailer features a unique triple take

The moment comes towards the end the gameplay trailer when the new Battle Pass rewards are shown.

Several Legends step in front of the cameras, rocking their brand new gear, giving players a good first look at what’s to come.

However, when it comes to Caustic, he sprints with a triple take that doesn’t quite look like it should. There is no scope attached to the weapon whatsoever, not even the bulky sight is of course attached when players pick it up.

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New Look Caustic features a new look Triple Take in the Season 14 gameplay trailer.

This was first spotted in a now-deleted Reddit post that had fans laughing at the situation.

A fan joked that the energy-based rifle was getting the makeover it always needed, calling the Triple Take the “best shotgun in the game”.

However, another commenter expressed an optimistic view and believes this may have been entirely intentional.

“It could be a holographic or projected sight,” they suggested.

There’s no way of knowing if this was a simple mistake by the developers or if it really is now a part of the upcoming Battle Pass, but everyone will have the answer for sure when Apex Legends Season 14 begins on August 9th.

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