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Apex Legends reloading issue for controller players Fixed

Respawn Entertainment has given Apex Legends controller players a massive Quality of Life update in the Season 14 patch that should make hectic scenarios much smoother.

There’s a big difference in playing some titles on a controller versus a mouse and keyboard. Aim assist and other dead-end talk aside, the sheer volume of features and buttons that MnK offers can make some operations easier to handle than a controller.

This is something that developers dealing with cross-platform titles have to figure out and are constantly trying to improve the experience for their players.

Well, in Apex Legends, controller players have complained about the need to use certain functions (like pressing a button to revive downed teammates) that inadvertently trigger different reactions (accidental reload).

QoL update for the tap/hold issue in Apex Legends

It seems that in Season 14, Respawn finally found a solution to this snafu, turning some “hold” prompts into a simple “tap” function should it conflict with another action.

The Apex Legends: Hunted update included a brief mention of a feature that will make life easier for players on console.

The Quality of Life update has now been “added [the] Ability to use “tap” interaction prompts when they conflict with “hold.” Respawn hopes this will make some actions “more reliable” as player frustration grew as it was an easily managed mishap.

While this is great news for controller players, Respawn will be sure to monitor the situation in case there are any unintended overlaps from the new update.

Along with the new feature, the developers have also made huge strides in balancing their characters with a bevy of buffs and nerfs to Legends.

The Apex Legends Season 14: hunted The update brought a lot of worthwhile changes to the game that could improve the gaming experience for many players.

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