Apex Legends plans to add a gifting feature to gift Apex Legends skins and other goodies

The ability to gift Apex Legends skins and other goodies has long been a fan-requested feature, and Respawn has confirmed they’re working on it.

Respawn Entertainment has admitted that gifting is something they wanted in Apex Legends, but have been wary of introducing it into the game.

With Season 14 on the horizon (no pun intended) and Apex adding a new name to the list in Vantage, many changes are coming to the Titanfall-inspired battle royale shooter.

Alongside everything that’s arriving in the new season, the developers confirmed in a season 14 press event that they’re not only interested in bringing gifts into the game, but that it could be sooner rather than later.

Gifting is coming to Apex Legends

Apex Legends Design Director Evan Nikolich talked about gifting being an aspect they’ve been trying to incorporate for a while.

“[Gifting] is actually something we are actively working on right now. It’s something we’ve been trying to get into the game. It’s a more complex issue than just adding gifts, how do we make it fair and give him the right motivation?”

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Imagine you are given an heirloom?

Handling money transactions like this is obviously sensitive information, and it’s clear that Respawn handled the process with care and consideration.

“Anytime we add any monetization vector to the game, we want it to be something that’s celebrated and that people enjoy. We want to make sure it doesn’t feel cheap or tacky. So when we add gifts, we want it to be something that we can embrace as part of that celebration, that takes time to dial in just right,” added Nikolich.

From the sound of it, gifting is still in the development phase and might take a little while to be implemented.

On the other hand, if it does arrive, Respawn will launch it knowing it’s sorted and hopefully free of issues, much like the long-awaited level cap increase.

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