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Apex Legends: Nessie Squad Find an Easter egg

At the start of Gun Run, Apex Legends teams are referred to as the Nessie Squad, an incredibly rare occurrence that few are aware of.

A holdover from Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall days, Nessie has long been a fan-favorite Easter egg in Apex Legends.

Remarkably, plush versions of the creature were scattered across the Kings Canyon map. Nessie plushies also exist in the real world as stuffed collectibles.

As such, Nessie Easter eggs are always a popular sight for fans. And a recent sighting surprised Apex believers.

Apex Legends take on the role of Nessie Squad in Gun Run

Typically, at the start of each Gun Run match, four groups of three are split into the following squads – Bear, Eagle, Tiger, and Wolf.

However, in the past few days, some teams have been given a brand new name, Nessie Squad. Shadytheruler noticed the Easter egg and shared a screenshot with proof on the Apex subreddit.

Twitter user Fatthew Mantasia‘s Crew also took over the role of Nessie Squad a few days ago. Respawn’s Senior Technical Experience Designer, Justin Masse, came across the tweet and added the “super rare” Easter egg to the game.

Masse later told curious fans that Nessie Squad selection in Apex Legends is all about random casts. According to the developer, there is a 1 in 1,000 chance that Team Wolf will transform into Team Nessie.

The odds that a team will pull the Nessie mantle over their opponents are 1 in 4, Masse continued.

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All in all, Gun Run matches with a Nessie brand crew rely on chance. And since Gun Run is a limited time mode, it seems that the vast majority of players will never experience the joy of being chosen for Nessie Squad.

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