Apex Legends have an awkward problem with the Season 14 trailer

Apex Legends players attempting to watch the Season 14 gameplay trailer encountered an issue where certain versions of the video were age restricted.

Season 14 of Apex Legends, known as Hunted, will go live next week on Tuesday, August 9th. Specifically, the upcoming content drop will introduce players to a new Legend – Vantage.

Respawn plans to release another Battle Pass after the release of Season 14 as well. Apex Legends users can also look forward to changes coming to the Kings Canyon map, including POI mods, loot-based changes, and more.

Vantage and the reforged Kings Canyon were featured in the Season 14 gameplay trailer. However, the launch of the trailer proved problematic for some players.

Apex Legends Season 14 trailer came with an age restriction

Respawn Entertainment today revealed its first look at Apex Legends Season 14 gameplay. The insight came via a two-minute trailer that many saw on the Apex Legends official YouTube channel.

However, when the video first surfaced, users like Redditor DaddyDog065 couldn’t watch it due to an age restriction.

Many with a personal YouTube account may not see the problem. Still, Withdrawn and CatDroodIsForRun noted that some European countries, under EU law, require users to “send an ID to Google” to view age-restricted content on the platform.

At the time of writing, this issue appears to have been resolved, suggesting that Respawn and EA had little to do with the restriction. YouTube is known for flagging videos, even if they don’t raise any age-related concerns.

But in this case, there may have been some scenes in the opening footage of the Apex Legends Season 14 trailer that may have led to YouTube enforcing an age requirement early on.

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