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Apex Legend: How the long-awaited gift system will work

Apex Legends players have been waiting for a Fortnite-style gifting feature to come into play, and now the awaited feature is finally making its way to the Battle Royale.

No matter what battle royale you choose to play, be it Fortnite, Warzone, or Apex Legends, it’s always nice to share items with your teammates and friends. New and exciting skins are constantly being added, such as crossovers with the Alien and Predator franchises.

Unfortunately for Apex Legends players looking to gear up their roster, the ability to gift items has been missing since the game’s inception.

After years of requests, players can look forward to their wishes being granted as a gifting feature appears to be coming in Season 15 – and there are even details on how it will work.

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Apex Legends copies Fortnite with gift system

Developers Respawn Entertainment seem to have recognized the players’ requests as leakers KralRindo discovered more details about a gift feature in the 14.1 update. Explaining the currently available feature on social media, KralRindo explained that “new gift strings” are included in the “14.1 update”.

The leaker noted a specific line of code, such as:


Alongside this discovery, KralRindo also stated that “we received a new UI icon that appears to just be buying items for someone instead of trading.”

The upcoming feature appears to work in the same vein as Epic Games’ Fortnite, where players can gift skin packs to anyone on their friends list.

At this time, the developers haven’t publicly stated when Gifts will be coming into the game, although as mentioned, leakers have hinted that it will arrive with Season 15.

Also missing is a mention of a trade feature for Apex Legends instead of passing newly purchased items on to other players.

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