Answer The Public Tool Review: Get Organic Traffic Flood In 2023

I know how difficult is to find fresh blogpost ideas every time. All newbie bloggers are stuck in this situation.

Searching for new content ideas and knowing what your targeted audience actually searches on search engines is not an easy task. 

However, there are countless free SEO tools that make the task easier. In this article, I will go into in-depth detail on freemium Answer The Public Tool Review, where you know why this is better to generate fresh content ideas. 

Ready? Let’s go…

What is Answer The Public Tool? 

Answer the public is a freemium tool that helps to find out lots of new fresh content ideas and keywords of your targeted audience which extracts data from Google and Bing search engines. 

It shows their data both types of data and visualization types. 

Have a look at what their data result in the show.

Is the Answer the public tools are free? 

As I said earlier, it’s a freemium tool which means you can use it free, and paid versions are available. 

Luckily, you use the free version of this tool, but this version comes with some limitations on number search which means you perform only 3 searches a day.

And on another hand side, with the pro version, you enjoy high-resolution data images and unlimited numbers of searches that give you fresh keyword ideas audiences are searching for in your niche.

How to use Answer the public tools? 

Using this free keyword research tool is super-duper easy work, you can also do it too if you know.

To perform this task, you come up with a topic to write on the Search box and Hit the yellow search button.

A quick tip: Use 1-2 keywords for better results.

After doing these tasks, it shows all keywords ideas in front of you within a second.      

Here you see, your information is shown on “Visualisations”, you also switch to “Data” options to make information more understandable by tapping an option on just the right side of the visualizations option.

After this, if you see above the tool’s header option, you see lots of unique features such as Questions, Prepositions, Comparisons, Alphabetical, and Related help dig deeper into your topic and give more ideas.

Let’s have a look at each of the options to better clear pictures in mind.

Prepositions: First of all look at the preposition options, that give preposition words like without, to near me, and so on.

Here are some keywords from this section that include : 

  • Blogging for beginner 
  • Can blogging be a career 
  • Blogging without investment 
  • Blogging with WordPress 

Comparisons:   As the name shows, this section is for comparison between particular things which includes words such as vs, or, and, versus, and more words.

Look at some keywords of this section: 

  • Blogging and affiliate marketing 
  • Blogging vs vlogging 
  • Blogging or youtube 

Alphabetical: This section is very interesting because it gives letter by letters (a-z) keywords in alphabetical order of keywords idea which is similar to google auto-suggestion.

See some keywords from this section : 

  • Blogging earning 
  • Blogging guide for beginner 
  • Blogging income report 

Pricing Of These Tools FREE & PAID Version Features? 

I’m sure you have questions about tool pricing, is it free to use, or need some pay money to perform searches?

To clear the pricing picture from your mind, have a look at the pricing chart.

FREE version: This tool also comes with a free version, where you use limited resources of tools like every day 3 searches only and don’t able to see your past search history.

Paid version: Answer the public tool comes with some paid plan where you get more benefits from the tools. 

It has available three different types of paid versions plan, let’s understand each of them to know which is suitable for your needs.

Let’s see paid version pricing for each of them. 

Monthly Plan: This first paid plan where you pay $99 per month provides unlimited searches, 5 search listening alerts, and more. 

Annual Plan: In this plan, you need to pay $948 in a year which costs you $79 monthly if you go with this price. It offers you unlimited searches, compares data over time, CSV export, etc. 

Expert Plan: To activate this plan, you need to pay $199 per month where you get unlimited searches, 20 search listening alerts, priority customer support, and hide branches & suggestions.  

The Disadvantage of Answer The Public Tool 

Using this tool, come up with lots of content ideas, but one thing that is missing is keywords informatics such as their CPC (cost per click), search volume, competitions, and so on that better help to choose correct keywords for content. 

One drawback you see on this tool is data of particular keywords such as their CPC (cost per click), monthly search volume, competition, SD (SEO difficulty), and so on. Even this data doesn’t come with any paid versions. 

To more know about tools, see their Pros & Cons: 

Pros : 

You can download all keywords ideas in CSV format. 

It shows you a huge amount of content & keyword ideas which are very helpful to create something fresh every time. 

No credit card information and email address are required when you use this tool.

Cons : 

Only use 3 times a day in the free version.

Don’t show keywords’ CPC, search volume, and so on.

Answer The Public Alternatives Tools (FREE) 

Keyword Tool Dominator – This tool identifies the top 10 search results on Youtube, Amazon, eBay, Bing, Walmart, and more. You can also use their Free chrome extension from the web store. 

QuestionDB – This freemium alternatives tool like answer the public looks very similar because it also offers a long-tail keywords list and content idea for your upcoming articles. You can perform up to 10 searches per day and with a premium plan perform unlimited searches which cost you  $10 monthly. 

Also asked – In this amazing tool get your content ideas in a beautiful mind map layout which gives you in-depth details and an easy understanding of the topic. This is best for content creators who struggle with comes with new ideas. 

Ubersuggest – These freemium SEO tools give you insights into keyword CPC, search volume, PD(paid difficulty), and more. In their free, you search 3 times a day. You can use the chrome extension on search results. 

(FAQS) : Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can use these Answer The Public tool? 

Currently, you can use Answer the public tools only from their website, still, they didn’t launch any apps for this. 

Is Paid Version Worth it? 

No, because their paid version doesn’t provide any particular keywords insights such as CPC, search volume, and more. 

Final Thoughts 

Here you saw answer the public tool review and a complete analysis of their features, pricing, and also see alternative tools. 

This tool comes with its unique features which show keywords ideas in a beautiful layout which understandable for the beginner that you don’t find these types of features in other free SEO tools.

Tell me in the comment section, that are you using these amazing tools to discover fresh content ideas?   

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