Agnipath protests LIVE Updates: The RPF and GRP declared high alert due to Bharat Bandh 

Senior RPF leaders issued an internal communication message on Monday asking all units to deal sternly with the disturbances caused by the Center for Defense Forces’ new short-term recruiting policy approach. Police have been instructed to file a case against the rioters under the harsh IPC provisions. In connection with the violence and damage that took place during the demonstrations against the government’s fire project from June 16 to 18, Bihar police on Sunday filed 145 FIRs and detained 804 demonstrators.

General VK Singh (ret.), a union minister and former head of the army, criticised the demonstrators for opposing a new strategy for enlisting people in the armed forces. For more developments, keep checking

The police came at the Delhi Singh border and detained the demonstrators.

At the Singhu border on the outskirts of Delhi, hundreds of protesters crossed over to oppose the Agnipath project. They were placed on a bus after being brought into police custody. knowledge that among those arrested also included Congress activists. Protesters yelled anti-Modi government chants and asked that the recruiting plan be scrapped.

Agnipath protests At Delhi’s Nizamuddin Railway Station

Youth Congress halt the train at the Shivaji Bridge station in Delhi

At Delhi’s Shivaji Bridge train station, members of the Indian Youth Congress suddenly jumped on the tracks and halted the train. Slogans calling for the cancellation of the volcanic plan were heard before the police were detained on the spot. An wounded protester was taken to the hospital right away for medical attention.

The Young Congress will fight for the jobless youth in this nation who want to serve the country and arm its military, one demonstrator told India Today. “The Indian government should remove the Agniveer plan.”

Protest in Jammu

Hundreds of protestors were taken away by truck after police in riot gear attacked a demonstration in Jammu state on Friday. Police informed the local media while transporting Om Prakash Khajuria, the AAP Jammu leader, that he had also been detained.

The BJP president gave the workers instructions to spread the word about the Agnipath initiative

JP Nadda, the president of the BJP, has instructed party members to canvass the nation in support of the contentious Agnipath programme. In the midst of continuing demonstrations, BJP activists were told to educate the young about the advantages of the Agnipath recruiting programme before moving on to an another location.

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