After 15 years of serialization, the Chihayafuru manga has ended!

The Chihayafuru manga will end in the September issue of Kodansha’s Be Love magazine after an amazing 15-year run. The slice-of-life plus sports genre manga series has been running for over a decade with nearly 250 chapters and 49 volumes garnering its popularity and audience entertainment as well as awards for its fleet. It is definitely one of those series that cannot be replaced by anything else. The reason why this series is so popular is purely because it portrays a well-defined and loving culture of Japanese sports and more or less a love story.

Chihayafur’s ending wasn’t exactly a surprise, but it ended a fantastic run that fans wanted to see last for a long time. Fans are excited for the end of the series, and the well-told story of realizing one’s own dream, not only taught them about karuta, the Japanese playing card game, but taught the audience and readers of the series a lot. More than a decade after a child realizes what his dreams are has inspired us a lot. Let’s start from the basics of the Chihayafuru manga series to its conclusion.

About Chihayafuru Manga

Yuki Tsutsugu is the author and illustrator of the Japanese Josie manga Chihayafuru. The manga began its serialization in December 2007 in Kodansha’s Be Love magazine nearly 15 years later, with the Chihayafuru manga ending in 2022. The series has received awards such as the Manga Taisho and Kodansha Manga Award, and has consistently charted among other manga. Charts of awards. At present, a total of 27 million prints are in circulation, with a target audience of only adolescent females.

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The series has a total of 247 chapters, a total of 49 volumes as of this writing, and the 50th volume, considered the final volume of the series, is slated for release in December 2022. Moreover, with the popularity of the series, it has received an anime adaptation with a total of 3 seasons so far and a 4th, which is not the last rumor in the works. The first season of the anime aired from October 2011 to March 2012, and the second season of the anime aired from January to June 2013.

But the third season of the anime took a big gap of six years and finally aired from October 2019 to March 2020. To commemorate the release of the last volume of the series, we can expect to get new information on Season 4. anime in December 2022. Furthermore, the scenes were also adapted into three live-action films, which were released from 2016 to 2018. The author originally noted that the manga would end at 49 volumes, but that was later revealed. The manga ends at 50 volumes, with chapter 247 being the final and released in the September issue of Kodansha’s Be Love magazine.

The end of the Chihayafuru manga

It was none other than the series writer who took to Twitter to announce the end of Chihayafuru on June 28. In her note, she mentioned that chapter 246 is going to be the second-to-last chapter of the series, which was published in July. August issue of Kodansha’s Be Love magazine. However, the final chapter of the series was published in the September issue of Kodansha’s Be Love magazine, which was released on August 1st. This means that the final chapter of the Chihayafuru manga has already been released and the series has entered its 15th year.

As expected, the September issue of Kodansha’s Be Love magazine has a spot dedicated to the illustration of the Chihayafuru manga, with the cover of the illustration saying “Chihayafuru’s solemn end”. What do you think of this masterpiece of manga coming to an end? Do you like it or not?

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Feel free to share your thoughts on the ending Chihayafuru manga in the comment section below. If you’re looking to read the series, it’s readily available on Comixology, or you can even find digital copies near your bookstore. There’s also an anime with three seasons and you can catch up and give it another look that way.

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