Absolutely Happy Ending Chapter 70 Release Date: Yeon and Seon’s Relationship

Happy Ending Chapter 70 is definitely around the corner after the manga released its latest chapter. Sure two latest chapters of A Happy Ending have been updated in one day few days back but we will check the latest development and synopsis of the previous latest chapter. For those unfamiliar with Definitely A Happy Ending, it is a romantic shoujo manga that unfolds the love story between Yeon-woo and her new partner after the death of her husband.

Yeon-woo’s love story ends with her husband dying and that’s the end of their sham marriage. However, another story begins after Yeon-woo is given another chance, where she returns after a hundred days of pain and sorrow. This allows her to stop her husband from dying because she failed in the past. Seon-jae is Yeon-woo’s husband, but their marriage is not considered real. They continued to be together and their love turned into true love. As we watch in the latest chapter of this manga, we see Yeon-woo and Jeon falling in love with each other.

Yeon-woo is shocked to learn that Seon loves him for the first time. But if she is not ready, he says she can refuse. Yeon doesn’t hesitate and allows Seon to spend quality time with her. In the morning, Seon takes his time to find out if he made Yeon happy, but she jokes around him and admits that he is the perfect husband for her. The two also talked about their childhood and their romantic relationships. Seon believes he can do anything when Yeon is around. Later both of them camped together in the forest.

In Chapter 69 the previously decidedly happy ending

The love story continues when Yeon and Seon are in a room together. Seon continues to prove that he is the man that Yeon has been waiting for. The two continue to share romantic moments and Yon is surprised by what Yon is up to. Yeon reminds Seon of holding back when he kisses her neck, and Seon reminds her that he can’t stop because it’s his first time sharing a bed with a beautiful woman like him. Yeon knows that her heart skips a beat when Seon is around her.

Definitely a happy ending

Last night was not enough for them and both decided to continue their romance. Yeon realizes that she must do something that will protect her husband in the future. Seon reminds her that they are doing everything to secure their future. They both get naked and get a room where they spend quality time together. At that time, Seon asks Yeon how she feels and says that she is tired. This surprises Sion, but when she explains her intentions, he realizes he hasn’t let his lady down.

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Yeon wonders why Seon looks like someone experienced in love. But he didn’t worry since he knew it was the first time and she proved it. Both of them use words of love to get closer to each other’s hearts. Seon realizes that she had many gifts as a child and she tells Seon about them. Yeon also talks about how he feels and thinks about Seon and realizes that he hurt her by not telling her the truth in the past. They both clear the misunderstanding and Yoon is happy to spend more time with her husband. Later, Seon talks to the aunt who is looking for the red notebook.

Definitely Happy Ending Chapter 70 Release Date

Definitely Happy Ending Chapter 70 will release on 11th August 2022. But the last latest chapter is delayed. Unless the manga takes a weekly break, surely Happy Ending will release a new chapter seven days later. Let’s check out the latest updates of Definitely A Happy Ending Chapter 70 below.

Seon and Yeon

Seon and Yeon

Accurately Read Chapter 70 Online – Raw Details

You can definitely read Happy Ending Chapter 70 online on various websites. Definitely Happy Ending Manga has not announced its official website, but the latest chapter and previous chapters are available online. As soon as new chapters or updates of Definitely Happy Ending are released, we will update them.

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