A Silent Voice Movie Review: Why You Should Never Give Up

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What is A Silent Voice Movie?

The Shape of Voice, or A Silent Voice in Japanese, is a 2016 Kyoto Animation animated drama film with character designs by Futoshi Nishiya and music by Kensuke Ushio. It was directed by Naoko Yamada and written by Reiko Yoshida.

A Silent Voice Movie Review

Shoya, a kid who bullied Shoko

Shoya, a kid who bullied Shoko

Shoko was an outgoing, extroverted girl throughout her childhood. But one day, she lost her hearing ability due to contracting a rare illness. Her classmates, not knowing how to interact with her, became distant. As a result, Shoko became more and more isolated from her peers, and eventually fell into a deep depression. Shoya was one of Shoko’s classmates who became distant from her as well. Although he realized that he was not particularly close to her, he did nothing to stop his friends from bullying her. He was fully aware of the fact that she was suffering, yet he did nothing to help her. In the end, he ended up regretting his actions.

Shoko gave up after being bullied for many years.

Shoko gave up after being bullied for many years.
Shoko gave up after being bullied for many years.

As the years passed, Shoko became an outcast. None of her classmates wished to get closer to her, and many were even contemptuous of her. The only person who was nice to Shoko was Shouya, who was one of her fellow classmates. He continued to communicate with her even though no one else in their class did. But even Shouya’s compassion wasn’t enough to ease Shoko’s pain. This was because she was convinced that she was a burden to others. She believed that her disability was something that would only bring difficulty to others, and that no one wanted to associate with her because she was a bother. In truth, Shouya only wanted to help her.

Shouya and Shouko’s Relationship Before the Accident

A Silent Voice Movie Review: Why You Should Never Give Up

As time passed, Shouya and Shoko’s relationship progressed beyond just classmates. They began communicating with each other about subjects that had nothing to do with school, and became friends. Although it wasn’t something that was evident to others, it was a relationship that was only between the two of them. When Shoko’s family moved to another town, Shouya and Shoko’s relationship was severed. While it’s true that they continued communicating with each other through letters, it was never the same as when they were in the same town.

Shouya’s Decision

Years later, Shouya encountered Shoko once again. He discovered that she had become deaf at a young age, and had had to deal with several hardships because of it. He also realized that she had had to deal with the same feelings of being an outcast that he had once felt. Shouya realized that the feelings of guilt he had felt ever since he had become friends with Shoko were still there. He had regretted not doing anything after he had bullied her, and he regretted not doing anything when everyone else was bullying her. Shouya decided to make it up to Shoko by becoming her friend once again. He wanted her to know that he had never forgotten about her, and that he had been thinking about her all this time.

The Aftermath of the Accident

At this point, Shouya was already contemplating about confessing his feelings to Shoko. But then, an accident happened, and Shoko lost her ability to speak. While Shouya was trying to help Shoko after she had fallen, the rope that held the scaffoldings of a building under construction broke, and a heavy bucket fell towards Shouya, smashing him in the leg. By the time the construction workers were able to cut the bucket with an electric saw, Shouya’s leg had been almost completely crushed. It was a serious accident, and Shouya had almost died. It was safe to say that he was fortunate enough to survive.

What you Learn From A Silent Voice Movie

There’s No Doubt This Movie Is Packet With Everything a Mindblowing Story, Lovely Character, Good Plot And and Some Damm Good Things That You Should Learn From This Movie Keep Reading!

If you are going to fail, fail fast

Shouya was faced with two choices: he could either tell Shoko how he felt, or he could continue to keep his feelings bottled up. If he told her how he felt, then there was a chance that Shoko would reject him. She might be too embarrassed to admit her feelings to him, or she might say that she never had feelings for him in the first place. If he chose to keep his feelings hidden, then there was a chance that his relationship with Shoko would remain the same. The two of them would continue to be friends, and Shouya wouldn’t have to risk losing her friendship. But by choosing not to confess his feelings, there was a chance that he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Don’t give up on your dreams

If Shouya chose to keep his feelings hidden, then the two of them would surely remain as friends. But by doing so, he would be denying Shoko the opportunity to get closer to him. He would be keeping her at arm’s length, and he would be preventing her from further developing her feelings for him. But if Shouya told Shoko how he felt and she rejected him, then the two of them would no longer be friends. The thing is, Shouya didn’t regret his decision. Even if he ended up losing Shoko as a friend, he would rather have that happen than live the rest of his life regretting what could have been. And who knows? Shoko might’ve felt the same way too.

Final Words

Ultimately, Shouya decided to confess his feelings to Shoko. While it’s true that the two of them were no longer friends, he felt that it was the right decision. He had found closure by confessing his feelings to her, and he had come to terms with the fact that things might never be the same again. The fact that he had been able to be honest about his feelings was a step in the right direction, and it was proof that he was growing as a person. The experience had changed him, and he was better for it.

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