9 Easier Ways To Comeup With Attention-Grabbing Headlines

No doubts, weak blog titles always get fewer clicks but are attractive and eye-catchy performing very well.

You can convert boring headlines into definitely effective after using these 13 principles, which I’m telling in this useful article.

So, let’s dive in.

What is a Catchy Headline? 

In simple words, a headline that lookIf you getting good impressions on blogs from search engines but have not received enough clicks on them.

Maybe the reason for weak headlines used in blog titles is not being attractive to attract audiences into clicks.

No matter, how much effort you put to make quality content, nobody cares if headlines are simple then you lose lots of clicks and feeling demotivated from results.

s attractive, attention-grabbing, and catchy attracts an audience to click on it, known as a catchy headline. 

Why is an Attractive headlines important for us? 

Not only are catchy titles used for blog posts or any website content but also used by famous cover magazines, shopping carts, grocery stores, and so on in places.

You put lots of effort to make high-quality content but what happened when no one clicks and reads articles?

The main reason is to use week headlines for blogs. The audience judges any blog content through their headline, if it’s better then you got clicked. 

It’s necessary to make headlines that increase CTR (click-through rate). So, take time to make an eye-catching headline before doing any marketing steps for a blog.

Numbers Makes any headlines more powerful 

With the help of numbers, you can increase more and more clicks, because it looks easier and memorable. 

And you also noticed those headlines which perform very well on search engines all of them used numbers especially odd numbers on their headline to attracts the reader’s attention.

Instead of using even numbers, try to add odd numbers because a headline with an odd number got more clicks and engagements rate.

Let’s see in this picture 


As you see, mostly top-ranked websites used odd numbers in their headline which looks attractive.

Never forget to add powerful words

Power words make any headlines awesome, even copywriters are also used to make better ad copy.

In other words, power words is another magical power, which makes headline stronger and helps articles climbed on search engine and most important getting organic clicks. 

Here’s is the list of very popular power words – 

  • Excited 
  • Ultimate guide 
  • Secrets 
  • Effective 

Test headlines strength from Headline analyzer tools

How do you know, your headline is attractive and attention-grabbing? The simple answer is to analyze them with help of tools.

So, use the blog headline analyzer tools to see the headline’s score that are enough to attract an audience into blog titles.  

The easiest way to analyze headlines is catchy or not, to use free blog headline analyzer tools that show the score results. 

For this, I use coschedule headline analyzer tool, which gives the result of the headlines score and also shows where you need improvement to increase the score.

Enter your headline in the search box and hit enter button. 

After that, you see headline data results.

A good headline never confuses the audience’s mind with headlines. While crafting catchy headlines many bloggers add irreverent words that don’t mean anything. 

So, never do this you should has a clear picture of the blog title, where people know exactly what you said inside articles. 

Don’t confuse them with a bad catchy headline, if the audience failed to confuse after reading the title they simply ignore your headline and look at other results. 

Always use short and simple headlines  

As you see, In screenshot clearly shows too long blog titles are not necessarily, short & simple are always a better option.

The perfect length of any website’s headline should be under 65 characters, this length is always looking neat & clean and also good visible on the result page. 

After crossing this character count, your headlines invisibly on SERPs something like this- 

Seo-optimized for higher ranking 

While making attention-grabbing headlines, never forget the search engine ranking factor which said SEO-optimized headlines always rank better and got more user engagement.

No matter how’s good your headlines, nobody cares about your headline if they not visible in SERPs.  

To optimize headline for search engine, add main or focus keyword earlier in the title for better google ranking. 

Keep it short, confusion-free and simple

No doubt short & simple headlines always attract more audiences because they are easy to understand when reading. 

Don’t try to make clever and play with words and make it difficult to read anyone. 

Show them benefits in it, convince them their solution is available inside the blog post content. 

Add target audience’s questions in the headline 

Making question types of headlines always has good user attention and conversation rate. 

Because you include the targeted audience’s pain point where they facing struggles to overcome any particular topic, most people click on headlines when they feel their solution inside articles. 

Here are some examples using this technique:

As you saw, I add the pain points of readers in the form of questions and then promise to solve their problems by applying these tips, so you also try to craft a headline something like this to get attention from target audiences. 

Prepare attractive titles list for a blog headline 

Always remember, your first crafted blog post title is not next-level or attractive. To achieve the level of excellence to make eye-catchy, make a list of headlines: title that has at least 15 different headlines of any particular topic. 

Even every professional copywriter also used this technique to make better headlines which got more clicks. 

Example of many headlines of one topic…

  • Doing catchy headlines for the blog the right way 
  • Why catchy headlines for blogs is the secret ingredient 
  • A foolproof guide to catchy headline for a blog 
  • The complete guide to the catchy title for a blog 
  • 12 unexpected ways attractive headlines can give you
  • How attention-grabbing headlines can help you live a better google ranking 
  • 9 ways catchy headline can make your blog more attractive 

And the list goes on…

Add emotional marketing with headlines

People feel connected with headlines that indicated their emotions and struggles. 

To test, headline emotional score, you should go with the 

EMV tool (emotional marketing value) by Advanced marketing institute that offers to see how much emotion are there is in any title.

A more emotional headline brings attracts an audience and converts them into loyal customers if they using in the right way.

Enter your title in the search box, wait some seconds to see a result like this: 


Note – Around 34% of EVM are amazing scores.  


Follow these effective headline techniques which make catchy headlines for a blog post. 

Feel free to comment on what you learned and tell us if you have more tips to improve our headline strength.

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