9+ Secrets Pro Blogging Tips [No One Tells You]

Starting your blog is the first step of your blogging journey, then the second step is to know some blogging tips that help beginners to avoid lots of mistakes while blogging.

If you are excited to know what these tips are, then pay some attention to this where I will tell you the 9 most useful blogging tips for beginners and one bonus blogging tip including.

Ready? Let’s find out the best blogging tips which help especially for beginners.

1. Choose the Perfect Blog Niche

Secrets Blogging Tips For Beginners

Before you start a brand new blog, some works that you find out to become successful bloggers are choosing a niche.

Selecting the right blog niche helps you to add more effort to make a successful blog that generates a handsome amount of money.

Think about that each day over 7 million blog posts are published on the internet. In this case, if you don’t choose the best blog niche then you don’t play long-term games in the blogging field.

For that, you need to enter a specific niche in the beginning then make your circle wide to cover the board topic.

Let’s see an example to better understand.

For example – You think to start a health niche blog, this niche is very broad and has lots of topics to cover, but don’t worry you only need to focus on a specific topic like “workout plan for men”.

The audience knows and remembers your blog also if you have a specific niche of the blog.

2. On-page SEO For Website Ranking

On-page (on-site optimization) is the practice to optimize your content for search engines that climbs your website’s ranking on the first page.

To do that you need to optimize your website URL, Meta description, and H1 tags to add your main keywords.

And optimizing URLs to confirm that URL optimization helps to understand their algorithm and which blog is relevant.

And optimizing URL to tell google algorithm and audience that your content is relevant to particular search queries.

For example www.anyexample.com/how-to-gain-weight


See the URLs and think to tell me which one is more relevant to see.

I think you chose the 1st option right? 

Apart from that, you need to add the main keyword in the first 100 words of articles. I learned this On-page SEO lesson from Brian Dean (the man behind the Backlinko blog).

3. Make Attention-Grabbing Headline Which Looks Unique

Secrets Blogging Tips For Beginners

Audiences loved to click on headlines that looked attractive and unique from other titles in search engines.

You need to use headline analyzer tools that make this task easier.

Then you need to craft a catchy headline that stands out from other competitors’ website headlines.

For that, have a look at tips to ready a killer headline that drives more clicks, readers, and overall engagement on the blog.

(a) Use Odd Numbers

Instead of including even numbers on blog titles, try to add odd numbers.

But why are odd numbers so effective?

Because our human eyes quickly catch odd numbers headlines and also remember for a long period.

One more thing to remember is that avoid using numbers in word form, try to write in numerical.

For example: If your topic is about “seven benefits of morning walks” then replace “seven” with “7” from the title, it looks more attractive.

And also try to add your numbers at the beginning of a title.

(b) Brainstorming Different Types of Headlines

It’s very simple, if you don’t know your targeted audience’s pain point then you fail to make a headline that speaks about their problems.

To fix this problem, you need to experiment with different types of headlines until you come up with catchy blog headlines that capture more eyeballs.

To do this, you need to come up with at least 15 rough headline ideas each of the titles should be of a different format and type.

And choose one of them which has a better headline score after analyzing on Headline analyzer tools.

Also, read my post about headline-free analyzer tools.

(c) Use Main Keyword on the Tittle

While crafting catchy headlines for blogs don’t forget to add your target keywords on the title which helps on website ranking.

(d) Use Power Words to Make Catchy Headlines

Including power words on headlines, chances will be increased to click people on it.

No doubt, these types of words convert any headlines from boring to super exciting but never apply clickbait formulas to attract more people.

Here are some famous power words which are used by many bloggers.

  • Fearless
  • Guaranteed
  • Unbelieving
  • Effective
  • Definitive
  • Ultimate
  • Secrets

You choose any of them to get more social shares, engagements, and most importantly clicks on articles.

NOTE: Use under 70 characters on titles.

4. Write a Perfect Blog Introduction

If you made a catchy headline for a blog, so Congratulations!

Then it’s time to make blog introductions catchy also.

Writing a good blog introduction decides your audience read your full article after clicking the compiling headline. So make it attractive which makes the audience more excited to know more about what you write.

It’s not an easy task but not as hard as you think.

Have a look at some useful tips to make a good intro.

(a) Include Infographics, Statics Graphs, and Facts

If you want the audience to read your intro then start adding infographics, statics, and facts to hook them.

Adding these things to a blog increases the chances of more social shares and reading your articles to the end.

(b) Know the Targeted Audience Problems

If you know the targeted audience’s pain point and ask them the right questions in the first or second paragraph of the blog then the audience will scroll down in content to see the answer.

Do you start questioning whether Are you also struggling to lose weight? Are you worried about how to do this?

(c) Promise, then Show Benefits

It’s a very effective and proven way where you promise the reader that they are landing in the right place to fix their problem.

And then you show the benefits after reading the blog.

For that, you need some emotional and powerful words to convey your point.

(d) Use ‘I’ and ‘You’ to Connect With Audiences

Use some emotional and powerful words so the audience feels better about your content

Always use “I” and “You” on your blog to connect with readers. Your readers also feel like you talk with them directly about a particular topic.

And the audience spends more time on your blog because they connected with you.

5. Promote Content in Online Communities

After writing your blog post then it’s time to cover more people’s circles by sharing their blog posts on online communities like Quora, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

I use the Quora platform for this.

Because it’s the #1 Q&n website with millions of people in almost every niche.

You search your space to connect with other people through this platform.

Many people look for answers by asking questions, and if they know the answer, they write an answer for them.

And to promote your blog, add a link at the end of your answer to drive traffic to the blog.

But be careful, If I said to link your blog URL that doesn’t mean add this on every answer you write. Try to give them only valuable information by answering their questions too.

6. Reply to Every Blog Comments

One of the most effective ways to connect and communicate with your reader is through blog comments.

You can try to solve the doubts that they have about your blog topic.

Use CTA (call to action) at the end of the post to tell readers for comments their thoughts and questions.

And after getting comments, you have to answer what they ask from you.

7. Write Short Sentences and Paragraphs

What if I tell you to read a blog that has only texts without having any gap between words and paragraphs?

You will get bored and won’t be able to understand the topic very well while reading.

And after some time readers go back.

To overcome this problem, you need to write a blog post that has proper paragraph breaks.

For that, you try to write paragraphs around 3-4 lines or maybe 1 line only sometimes.

You see I’m also doing this on my blog which you read now.

Even professional bloggers use this technique also because they know this type of blog writing is extremely easy to understand by anyone and readers stick for a long time on your blog to see neat & clean sentences.

8. Write Which You are Passionate About

I have seen lots of bloggers who just entered any topic to write which has more potential to earn money.

Many people choose a topic that makes handsome money but they don’t love to write.

Earning money from blogging is best but if you write a topic that you’re not interested in and not passionate about then you fail to produce high-quality content.

It’s most important that you enjoy blog writing and the research process. If you are not enjoying it then you don’t write a blog for a long time.

And also struggle to generate high-quality content because you are not familiar with the blog niche.

9. Choosing the Right Blogging Platform

The best blogging platform decides where your blogging journey goes.

But many people don’t know which platforms are suitable for them.

In this situation, many of them choose free blogging platforms like blogger, and Tumblr for blogging.

No doubt, this platform is also the best but it has very limited customization of themes, plugins, pages, and even some restrictions on monetizing blogs due to their guidelines.

And you don’t have full control of the website of these free platforms options, your account is permanently deleted by these platforms if you don’t follow their rules.

I would recommend using a self-hosted WordPress for blogging if you are serious about blogging to make a career on it.

For that, you need some small investment on Domain name, Hosting, theme, or more if you have more budget.

In a WordPress blog, you have full freedom to customize themes, plugins, pages, and features as you want.

10. Use Google Analytics ( BONUS BLOG TIP )

This powerful tool comes from Google and is free to use.

It’s very easy to use by anyone, even beginners use it through their super simple dashboard interface.

The main reason for using google analytics is that it provides accurate data on website performance.

With the help of these tools, you know your visitor’s behaviors, impression, age, gender, location, bounce rate, average page time spent, and more useful website metrics, after seeing these data you know where you need to improve to make a more user-friendly website.

This amazing tool comes on the desktop version and mobile version too.

To use the mobile version download the Google Analytics app from the play store and see website performance in your phone version.

Final thoughts on blogging tips

I hope you receive some valuable blogging tips that help you to get more engagement and more traffic.

If you think some points are missing then feel free to comment your thoughts and share them with other people.

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